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All-in-one solution for Digital Workplace, collaborative intranet and corporate social network

All-in-one, modular, complete and scalable solution, JPlatform allows you to create your Digital Workplace, social and collaborative intranet or collaborative EDM platform to work together effectively.

Work together effectively and efficiently

Thanks to JPlatform,

  • Stimulate new, more transversal and collaborative ways of working
  • Increase the efficiency of your teams with up-to-date information and fluid exchanges
  • Develop knowledge sharing and capitalization
  • Boost the attractiveness of your employer brand by offering each employee a modern and personalised workspace
  • Mobilize the company around a vision and culture and bring out ideas and talents
  • JPlatform transforms the "collaborative experience" by offering everyone more autonomy, comfort and efficiency on a daily basis and by promoting collective innovation. 

A solution adapted to your needs thanks to a wide range of functionalities

  • A solution to socialize exchanges: conversational, social, participative, CSR
  • A portal for daily work: digital office, portal, cross-functional research, messaging integration
  • Collaborative tools to work together: team leadership, unified communication, business organization, productivity, process management
  • Content management functionalities: content creation and management, editorial, website, multimedia
  • Document management features: navigation, document creation and storage, file processing, CMIS EDM, office automation
  • A knowledge management tool to capitalize on knowledge: formalization of knowledge, social learning
  • Thanks to its modularity, scalability and consistency of its components, Jalios meets the company's objectives by allowing a complete, restricted or progressive implementation as well as integration with other services already deployed.

Are you a user of Office 365 or G-Suite suites? Do you use business applications? Don't worry, we'll adapt!

Benefit from the integration of Office 365, G-Suite or your business applications with JPlatform for a consistent and coherent user experience in all your daily tasks, whether they are business, office or collaborative.

Choose a socialized, open and independent Digital Workplace that will meet your collaboration and communication needs in continuity.

A solution adapted to your needs:

  • JPlatform Evolution: the tailor-made solution in license, from 500 users
  • JPlatform Ready: pre-packaged in license, from 200 users
  • JPlatform Cloud: Pre-packaged in the cloud, from 100 users

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