Magic Business: Highly adjustable sales force and CRM software

Magic Business is a sales force and CRM software which can be installed on a Windows PC or tablet and a server at the same time, so it can be used via an internet browser. The online and offline access with free automatic synchronisation makes this tool exceptionally convenient to use for sales teams, marketers and customer service.

The 4 cornerstones of Magic Business

Magic Business is based on 4 founding principles, in order to offer the best solution to its clients:

  • The solution uses basic CRM / Sales force & trade modules which can be tailored to your application. In order to avoid the "unravelling" which is often necessary with standard versions, our modules meet your essential needs by covering all aspects of CRM. They can be adjusted quickly and easily.
  • Magic Business offers both an online mode and a 100% offline mode, which is essential for itinerant users. Synchronisation is carried out transparently, without user intervention, and supports large quantities of data.
  • After a skills transfer, you will be free to use your solution in total autonomy if you wish to do so. A customization studio and the application sources are also available.
  • Magic Business runs entirely on IT industry classics (javaScript, PostgreSQL,SQL Server,Oracle, HTML,CSS Code, SOAP, APACHE,…).

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Magic Business demo and screenshots

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Magic Business pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

Full Service
€19 /month /user
€49 /month /user
€135 /month /user

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Accounting Data Export
Billing & Invoicing
Custom Invoices
Purchase Order
Quote to Invoice Conversion
Sending Invoices by Email
Shared Calendars
SMS Short Message System
Web Mail (Email Management) Sending and receiving emails
Customer Support
Communications History
Customer Profile
Customer Support Dashboard
Document management
Email document as an attachment
Full Text Search
Shared documents
Catalogue / Price Book
Contract Management
Goods / items Management
Inventory Management
Product Datasheet
Supplier Orders Management
Sales Force Automation
Account management Companies follow-up
BtoB approach
Business Proposition Customer engagement via a product positioning (price, competition, decision makers, etc.)
Contact management People's details editing and individual follow-up
Customer Geo-location People or companies location on a map
Events history and follow-up Account Activity & History
Lead management Deal that you have the possibility to close after qualification
Quote Proposal Avoidance
Round / Tour optimization
Sales forecast Future sales numbers based on statistics
Sales process and pipeline Customer life cycle management
Sales report Conversion rate, team performance, best sales
Segments / Populations Possibility to group contacts per type
Taking of orders


Mobile App
Offline Mode
Responsive Web Interface (RWD) Application crafting to provide an optimal experience

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