Mindee: in summary

Mindee is the first fully horizontal and developer-centric document understanding platform. We help developers and product teams worldwide build the most intuitive and efficient user experiences regarding document processing.

Using Mindee, you will be able to:

  • Build magical UX using our 1-second-response-time synchronous API
  • Differentiate your product leveraging the latest computer vision deep learning models
  • Scale everywhere. We are fully language agnostic and do not depend on templates
  • Save your users time and hassle by freeing them from manual data entry
  • thanks to our client libraries in all main languages and our clean documentation
  • Sleep tight knowing everything happens on a scalable and secure infrastructure, fully GDPR compliant
  • Extend the fun by leveraging everything from our open-source software toolbox
  • Trust the bill. No setup fee, no platform fee, no maintenance fee. Your only KPI is your volume? Ours too!

We are very proud to be powering among the fastest growing software products in many verticals ranging from Financial Services, Logistics or HealthCare to Construction, Insurance and Government.

The whole team, spread across all continents, is looking forward to hearing from you and your use case to help you as best as we can.

Mindee - Dashboards
Mindee - Dashboards
Mindee - Dashboards
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Mindee: its rates and features

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