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SuitePro-G Freemium

Free and comprehensive solution for project management!
Presentation of SuitePro-G Freemium

Your free turnkey project management software that adapts to your needs!

Free, limited and pragmatic solution, designed for small businesses, associations, freelancers, etc..

What is SuitePro-G Freemium ?

IQar, a French Pure Project Player and software publisher for the past 10 years, designed SuitePro-G Freemium, a free project management software.

The pragmatic, methodological, educational and integrated solution.

SuitePro-G Freemium software’s strenghts

The solution is free and complete! It brings together all the best practices in project management:

  • A complete tool (Programs, Project Initialization, Scoring, Kanban, Gantt chart, Complete Reporting, Project Health, Workload Plan, Budget, Risks, etc.)
  • Integrated KPIs aligned with your strategy!
  • Resource management: visualize in real time the times "in" and "outside the projects", the tasks left to be done and create timesheets.
  • A tool connected with its Teams connector

The SuitePro-G solution is free and upgradeable! Depending on your needs, you can unlock your version and buy plugins on our online store.

  • "Customization" plugin to inspire a common Project culture
  • Reporting plugin to use Dashboards and add decision-making tools and create Scoring models.

The tangible benefits of using SuitePro-G Freemium ?

  • Master your project management, from the start of a project to its completion, including planning, execution and resources and costs control.
  • Mobilize all the stakeholders in your organization.
  • Move your project management in Microsoft Teams.

Manage your projects easily with SuitePro-G Freemium! Try it once, use it forever!

Advantages of SuitePro-G Freemium

  • Free and scalable
  • Comprehensive and intuitive
  • Connected and secure (Teams, Outlook,...)
  • Certifications:UGAP by SCC, TRUSTe
Information on SuitePro-G Freemium
Software edited by SuitePro-G Freemium
Data stored in the following countries: France
List of the available languages: English, French
Home page SuitePro-G Freemium - Quick access to tasks and projects
Monitor the quality and the efficacy of the project with the kick-off meeting report in SuitePro-G Freemium
The decision boards are a visual management tool allowing to see, in the form of a rectangle, the importance of projects in a portfolio
Scoring allows you to give a note to a project in SuitePro-G Freemium. Scoring helps to clarify
the alignment of the project with the strategies of a program or an enterprise.
Project initialization has never been easier! Only with our PPM tool, SuitePro-G Freemium
Get a clear overview with SuitePro-G's different types of reports
SuitePro-G Freemium is available in Microsoft Teams
SuitePro-G Freemium by IQar allows you the recording of your working hours
Get the unlimited SuitePro-G version from our shop. Get the same features but without limit regarding the number of projects or users!
Acquire Reporting Plugin in our shop. This allows you to have the most complete SuitePro-G Freemium version.
Customize your SuitePro-G with the customization plugin. Define your own user experience and add a lot of high value features!
SuitePro-G Freemium-NUAGE-DE-SCORE
Mobiliser les métiers et contributeurs du projet pour établir le travail à réaliser dans le projet (Mode MindMap ou Découpage du projet).
Planifier et piloter l'avancement des tâches du projet (mode Kanban)

Prices and features of SuitePro-G Freemium


SuitePro-G Freemium, version gratuit et limitée


Mind Mapping

People Management

Activity monitoring
Budgeted time
Time Estimation
+ 40 other features

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