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Engage with your telco customers to increase loyalty
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In the Telco industry, customer satisfaction is essential to reduce churn and increase retention.

When it becomes difficult to compete on products or prices, only the customer experience is a relevant differentiator.

With RingCentral Engage Digital, over 40 telecom operators around the world satisfy their customers with an omni-digital approach to customer engagement.

RingCentral Engage Digital, a unified omni-digital customer engagement platform

With RingCentral Engage Digital, telecom operators connect any digital channel (Messaging, Live-Chat, Email, Social Media, Reviews, etc.) to a unified platform to better manage and respond to incoming enquiries.

Our AI and Machine-Learning engine automatically allocates messages to the right agent based on customized priorities and message content to reduce response time and increase agents' productivity.

With the help of contextual auto-prompted responses, agents don't waste time searching for an answer and gain precious seconds when responding to enquiries.

As an open plaftorm, RingCentral Engage Digital perfectly integrates with Telcos most common CRMs to offer agents a 360° view of their customers.

Satisfying Telco customers has never been easier

RingCentral Engage Digital is the Telecom's leading partner for omni-digital. With this solution, telcos increase response speed, reduce waiting time and provide customers with more accurate answers, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In the same time, the engagement platform's engine allocates messages automatically to increase individual agents' productivity and reduce the costs for the contact center. With its live statistics and integrated analytics and reporting platform, contact center managers have full control of the telco's activity to better satisfy customers without the need for additional resources.

Advantages of RingCentral Engage Telco

  • ACD - Automatic messages allocation
  • Compatible with any digital channel
  • Live statistics and reporting
  • Certifications:GDPR
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