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EstyMove - how moving software should work

Moving software that makes each job easier. Get inventory for each job, manage all your lead details through eMove moving software CRM.

Through eMove you can:

  • get the lead or the entire job inventory;
  • a quotation form, through a visual and innovative tool; 
  • lead form for your website
  • add/manage leads;
  • manage trucks, people, resources and assets;

Our software can be used both for small moving companies and big moving companies and our main focus is to help moving companies manage jobs and customers easier.

Reasons for using eMove moving software:

  • Our focus on being reliable and do things better.

  • 14 days then flat fee, regardless of the number of users, company size or number of jobs. 

  • We will help and offer support at any given point, with any technical problem.

     Our pledge.

We promise to offer the quality that your moving company needs, being reliable, and to help you at any given point. 

Also, our services price will always be a flat fee.

We do things differently, we pay particular attention to making things better, reliable and we grow by continuously improving our moving software. 

Try our software for 30 days free, then pay a fixed flat fee. 

You can read some more regarding our pricing on our website.

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Strengths of eMove

  • It can provide quotations on behalf of the mover
  • Helps with assets Management (such as trucks, personnel etc)
  • You can get more customers by referrals, and be more prof.

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