Everbridge: critical event management platform

What is Everbridge ?

Everbridge is a company that provides a risk management software. In fact, the platform allows companies to have an automated and fast response to act quickly and efficiently when facing a critical event. The objective is to continue to ensure the safety of employees, but also of the company.

How does the platform work ?

  • A quick assessment of data concerning threats in order to propose the best management plan.
  • Minimization of IT downtime for the company, which generates a lot of financial losses. The platform can generate responses for many critical IT disruption situations. This speeds up resolution.
  • Employee security: in addition to traditional means of protection such as door locks and security cameras, the platform also offers location technology to find and communicate with employees at all times.


  • early detection of risks 
  • automated responses to recurring situations
  • protection of employees and the company

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