Ganacos: Planning & Budget Software (Enterprise Performance Managmt)


Description of Ganacos

Ganacos is a planning and budgeting software created to support data-driven decisions in companies. It enables data analysis, budget planning, and simulation in the same web interface. Inspired by spreadsheets, Ganacos is a flexible tool in which users collaborate to plan the budget. A data-entry triggers computations allowing to understand / measure the impact of the change instantly. Formulas, algorithms, forecasts: Ganacos focuses on its powerful computation engine in a user-friendly interface. Free demo

Finance and Budget Planning

In the same way as for a standard spreadsheet, the company's finances as well as the monitoring of the budget and its realization can be managed in Ganacos. For instance, the financial amounts are monitored and modified depending on the type of project, the cost center or the month of the year.

Use of the Ganacos software

The Ganacos application can be used for a lot of varied tasks the same way that a spreadsheet is not designed for a particular use. Some examples are listed below.

Planning needs

The first application of Ganacos concerns the planning problems faced by companies. Instead of rigid system of boxes as in a usual spreadsheet, Ganacos allows to define dimensions and to plan operations according to the value of these dimensions. This allows the user to work in different levels of data aggregation.


In parallel to the planning process, users can easily generate data in Ganacos which allows them to test hypothetical scenarios.

Production Planning

One of the use concerns the planning of demand and production operations. Salesmen and company managers work together to predict the demand based on different kinds of product characteristics. Then the production planners can enter the desired values ​​in order to satisfy this demand while respecting the production constraints.

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Strengths of Ganacos

Ganacos demo and screenshots

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Ganacos customers

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Ganacos pricing and features

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Activity Monitoring
Connection to Live Data Sources
Custom Charts
Data Import/Export
Drill Down
Interactive Dashboard
Pivot Tables
Shared Dashboards and Reports
People Management
Activity monitoring
Cost Estimation
Progression follow-up
Time Estimation
Project Management
Assessment of Tasks to Be Completed
Customer Profitability Automatic calculation of the margin or losses generated on a project.
Planning Simulator
Productivity Analysis
Project Planning
Resource Allocation
Task Planning Tasks roll out in order to organize the project
Goods Flow History
Minimum and Maximum Stocks

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