Spoom: in summary

*** Align vision, data and team ***

Spoom offers a 360° transversal view of your organization's KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), whatever their nature, thanks to its very powerful aggregation calculation engine. Spoom is the perfect strategic management and communication platform with its cascading and collaboration aspects.

With Spoom, enhance the steering of your company as you do for your journeys, in 4 steps:

  1. Get the best trajectory for your role in your sector (Strategy Maps, cascading)
  2. Measure where you are on this trajectory (Scorecard for Key Performance Indicators with powerful algorithm)
  3. Communicate with your colleagues (Comments, notifications, reminders)
  4. Suggest deviation actions (Action logs, impacts)

It is a Strategic Execution Management software (see SEM on Gartner), not Business Intelligence, which increases the performance of organizations with an innovative and intelligent solution for monitoring performance and its indicators.

Whether you have a very mature BI, or no BI yet, Spoom is the ideal platform to create the link between executive committees and data systems and initiatives, and to give importance to your current or future reporting and dashboarding projects.

Its benefits

360° view on all organization's KPI's whatever their nature

Enhance the steering of your company

Facilitate the communication of KPIs


Spoom - Video
Spoom - Data manager to controle and update your KPIs
Spoom - Metrics to analyze each KPI in a dashboard
Spoom - Scorecard 360 with KPIs

Spoom: its rates

/month /user

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