SKU Science: in summary

SKU Science is the one and only sales forecasting platform that can be tried for free with your data. Very easy to operate, the platform is already used in more than 74 countries by SMBs and large corporations.

  • Improve your forecasts quickly and without expertise
  • Limit your stock-outs and inventory
  • Automated operational monitoring process (S&OP)
  • Monthly (or annual) subscription with no commitment

The only risk you take is to improve your forecasts and your supply chain

And what if we told you a bit more...

Get your forecasts quickly & effortlessly 

Using your historical sales and an Excel file, SKU Science selects the best forecast for each item from 644 possible statistical combinations. Each forecast can be edited so that you can add your market expertise. You can of course view and edit your forecasts at any level (item, product family, customer, store, country...).

Manage your Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) 

The process is fully tracked and automated to save your time and identify items that need your attention. Each forecast is archived to calculate KPIs (accuracy, bias) based on your procurement or production lead times. The platform organizes your data to quickly identify attainable gains. SKU Science is not just a forecasting solution, it's a complete platform for your demand planning process to improve your operational performance.

Track your operational activities with turnkey dashboards 

You don't have to configure anything, dashboards automatically adapt to your selection. Aggregate your data at any level (item, product family, customer, store, country...) and instantly visualize these data in your dashboards.

  • Compare your sales performance to the current year's budget and the previous year's performance. 
  • Analyze your backlog versus forecast and budget to quickly understand what remains to be done for a successful year-end. 
  • See your projections at the end of the fiscal year compared to your budget and last year's activities. 

Security of your data 

The platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Your data is replicated to ensure a high quality of service and backups are performed every 6 hours. All your data and communications are encrypted (SSL encryption). In case of assistance requiring access to your SKU Science account, only you can generate a temporary connection-token.

Its benefits

Free trial and no credit card required

Optimized forecasts for each item

The solution is so simple that it is used in 74 countries

SKU Science - Video
SKU Science - Sales forecasting of an Item with SKU Science
SKU Science - Dashboard with forecasts and annual budget
SKU Science - Table of priorities - ABC XYZ Matrix

SKU Science: its rates

/month /unlimited users
/month /unlimited users
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SKU Science
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