Akur8: AI-driven insurance pricing platform

What is Akur8 ?

Akur8 is a French insurtech startup. The platform relies on machine learning algorithms to offer insurance pricing solutions to insurers. Therefore, the software helps model the risk that insurance companies are facing, allowing them to launch new tariffs quickly.

What are Akur8's functionalities?

Akur8 incorporates on its platform all the steps of the underwriting process. Thus the software offers the following functionalities:

  • risk modeling : the software detects the interactions and correlations between different sources of data in order to evaluate the risks.
  • market analysis : the platform analyses trends, sensitivity to market prices and the impact of prices on demand.
  • price optimisation : the software defines a strategy in the implementation of prices. 


  • AI to revolutionise insurance pricing
  • secure environment
  • in compliance with the DPGR

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