K-STUDIO: Application simulator for interactive training


K-Studio is an application simulator that allows you to create interactive training contents

for face-to-face, distance or e-learning training on a replica 100% like to the application

Users are trained by doing

Organizations using K-Studio see an acceleration in the adoption rate and user engagement of their applications when in real work situation.

Thanks to the interactive training contents, the learner memorizes much better. Convinced of learning in the real application, he performs on a PC, tablet or smartphone the same inputs and processes that he will have to perform in a real work situation:

  • Demonstrations of the application
  • Step by step discovery
  • Practical exercises with entries
  • Multi-application process
  • Assessed exercises, quiz

Hundreds of learners can launch content simultaneously, train without constraint, have the right to make mistakes, can launch the solution when they do not know, finalize a process without fear of consequences in the pre-production or production database. The same content, executed on an LMS, can be played on a simple USB key.

The trainer alternates the sequences without worrying about the management or data set quality

In face-to-face or distance training, K-Studio makes it very easy to alternate sequences and guide learners by choosing to:

  • Use a single medium or several, combining exercises and multi-media documents
  • Display or not the statements
  • Resume an exercise at the desired step without replaying the whole process
  • Unblock a learner
  • Observe the result at the end of the exercise without fear of the impact on the production database
  • Measure the progress of the exercises performed

The Pedagogical Designers or Project Teams edit simulated exercises autonomously

The innovative K-Studio technology makes it possible to deliver interactive and responsive design training content in the same or faster timeframe compared to traditional tools.

K-Studio makes it possible to clone the target application and its behavior and to manage the design and distribution of all types of sequences required for training in an application according to the uses and training situations. The integrated workflow facilitates the receive of contents by the teaching teams. To update training contents as the business application evolves, it is very easy to replace a modified screen.

HR and Business Departments

K-Studio makes it possible to implement multi-modal training strategies for business applications to meet the challenges of:

  • Tight and scalable training schedule
  • Continuous training course and Onboarding
  • Measurement of learning and progress of staff through the assessment of learners
  • Multi-language training in one application and remotely

K-Studio frees IT teams by removing the inconveniences and costs of a school base

Organizations that have adopted K-Studio are seeing significant financial savings no longer having to manage:

  • Maintenance of infrastructure, incompatibility of training devices
  • The Vendor license
  • Access permissions
  • Data sets
  • Unexpected updates in databases
  • Simulations of interactions between several business applications and their induced consequences

The training teams become autonomous, freeing up time for the IT teams.

With the K-Studio K-Now K-Value software suite, Knowmore, French pioneer of DAP, rethinks Digital Adoption by merging learning and use, to meet the organizations’ ROI expectations.

Editor: Knowmore

Strengths of K-STUDIO

  • Application training by doing
  • 100% realistic interactive training content
  • Easy to distribute: LMS, tablets, Server, USB keys
  • Certifications: UGAP by SCC

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