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Impact software helps companies manage their social and environmental impact, covering a range of areas. They are primarily used by Chief Impact Officers to improve the company's CSR performance.

Professional group :
Operations Management
Human Resources (HR)
Sales & Customer Management
Accounting & Finance
IT Services
Recreational Activities
Association Management
Category :
RSE Management
Carbon Footprint Assessment

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Streamline your RSE management with this software. Manage and track your projects, donations, and events with ease.

This software offers a comprehensive solution for RSE management, allowing you to efficiently manage all aspects of your projects, donations, and events. The user-friendly interface streamlines your workflow, making it easy to track progress, generate reports, and communicate with stakeholders.

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An RSE Management software designed to optimise resource efficiency and environmental impact.

Fruggr is a highly acclaimed RSE Management software, offering cutting-edge tools to enhance resource efficiency and minimise environmental footprint. It provides comprehensive analytics and sustainability insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions towards greener operations. Ideal for those eager to integrate eco-friendly practices into their business model.

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Reliable and automated measurement

Global footprint scoring

Multi-profile reporting

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Assess and manage your carbon footprint with precision and ease.

Diligent ESG offers comprehensive tools to accurately assess and manage your organisation's carbon footprint. With its advanced analytics and user-friendly interface, this software supports businesses in identifying significant areas for environmental improvements, ensuring compliance with global sustainability standards. It generates detailed reports and actionable insights, enabling effective decision-making towards ESG objectives.

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Impact software: purchase guide

What is Impact Software?

Impact software, focused on CSR, is designed to help companies consider their social and environmental impact. It covers a range of areas, from monitoring a company's environmental footprint to promoting diversity and inclusion, to improving working conditions and eco-friendly product and service design.

These tools are essential for Chief Impact Officers (CIOs), who are responsible for raising awareness and improving the company's CSR performance. They can provide reliable data to assess progress and support the company's efforts in social and environmental responsibility.