Pelico: in summary

In a world where Supply chains are more complex than ever,  Pelico acts as an intelligent assistant for operational teams. Pelico continuously monitors bottlenecks and empowers teams to anticipate issues and act fast with AI-assisted recommendations, simulations and collaboration on key issues.

Pelico offers a new data-driven approach to supply chain management in the current context of increasing complexity and volatility. By unifying data from various sources and transforming it into meaningful business concepts, Pelico aligns teams over a common view of operations. With Pelico, operational teams anticipate problems, act fast and synchronize on key business priorities to fight daily volatility in supply chain and manufacturing.  

Its benefits

combines Supply chain expertise with state-of-art technology

97% usage penetration rate and 4.8/5 User satisfaction score

Short time-to-value: 4-6 week time to value

Pelico - Pelico - Make Data Work for Improved Operational Efficiency
Pelico - Video 1
Pelico - Production Control
Pelico - Customer Service
Pelico - Supply Chain Management
Pelico - Maintenance Repair and overhaul

Pelico: its rates and features

On demand
Anticipation of administrative anomalies
Drill Down
Recommendation & Decisions
Capacity planning
Demand management

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