Merox: Secure your brand and email domains (DMARC)

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Merox is a SaaS a solution developed and hosted in France. It  allows you to deny identity theft, reduce phishing, protect your brand and increase the deliverability of your e-mail campaigns.

The Merox platform allows you to monitoring and secure your domains names and e-mail domains.

Reports DMARC collect

  • DNS entries monitoring
  • NS monitoring
  • Blacklist monitoring (IPs)
  • DNS tester
  • Blacklist tester
  • E-mail tester
  • BIMI implementation
  • Automatic alerts

Merox can also offer you support from a certified cybersecurity expert for the configuration of the solution (via a Merox certified partner).

Implement a DMARC policy on your domains names

The implementation of a DMARC policy is not yet automatic when registering your DNS entries. However, this simple line can help you guard against identity theft and phishing.

  • Configuration of your DMARC policy,
  • Collection of DMARC reports,
  • Aggregate DMARC reports,
  • Data visualization.

Once your DMARC policy is in place, it is not fixed. You can always update it quickly and easily to add or remove parameters.

Monitor your DNS entries continuously

With the Merox solution, you will be able to monitor your  DNS entries permanently. With its aggregate rapports and their institutive interface, Merox allows you to identify the slightest modification to one of your DNS entries.

  • Real-time monitoring of your DNS entries,
  • Backup of the history of your DNS entries,
  • DNS tester to check your configuration.

With this functionalities you can avoid the identity theft of your domains names and then, protect your brand and your partners from eventual phishing’s.

Improve the deliverability of your e-mail campaigns

Are you used to creating and sending email campaigns? However, your deliverability rate can be disappointing. Your emails arrive in spam or are sometimes even rejected by your recipient's email box

The implementation of DMARC policy on your domain name allows a better deliverability of your emails by conforming to the receiver’s inbox than your identity is well verified.

Merox also can help you implement the BIMI on your email domains in order to make your logo appear in your contacts’ inboxes. You an also monitoring BIMI directly on the platform  for even more visibility and awareness.

Editor: Devensys Cybersecurity

Editor: Devensys Cybersecurity

Strengths of Merox

  • SaaS Platform developed and hosted in France
  • Secured, multi-tenant and multi-langue platform
  • 24/7 Support based in France. Contract with SLA

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