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Seald is an easy-to-use data encryption solution. It allows you to secure your files with a single click, but also to monitor their use and manage their access rights.

Protect files on your computer

Encrypting your files with Seald is like keeping them in a locked safe, of which only you have the key.

Protect your data in the cloud

The contents of your files become unreadable by anyone who manages to gain unauthorized access to your space when you use Seald. You ensure that if your documents or emails are stolen, transferred or copied they will not be read by a third party who does not have physical access to your device.

Share in complete security

Send your data by email, messaging or store them online. Any means is safe when your files are encrypted with Seald. Seald works even with the outside of your company, it does not require installation for your recipient, no password or key exchange.

Comply with the GDPR

Unlike traditional encryption, Seald provides you with other answers to RGPD compliance:

  • a security that remains on the data
  • proof of access to the data
  • data access management
  • guarantee the storage period
  • integration into your workflows to be protected by design

If encrypted personal data is stolen, it is not necessary to notify stakeholders. In addition, in case of control, Seald will allow you to generate detailed audit reports on the use of your data.

Monitor and manage access to your data in real time

You will be able to know where and when your files have been opened by your recipients, and can revoke access to them at any time to whomever you wish.

Protect data in your workflows

Seald can be integrated on your servers to automatically secure your workflows, data exports, documents retrieved from your web interface, and can be adapted to any document: contracts, statements, reports, etc.

Seald offers you the following features:

  • Encrypt: secure a file.
  • Adding recipients: add a new access to a file.
  • History: Access the history of encrypted files
  • Outlook integration: secure your emails and PJs from Outlook
  • Device revocation: revoke your devices when an employee leaves or a computer is stolen
  • Secure answer: a recipient can answer you in a secure way without installing anything
  • Notifications: be notified when a recipient opens or transfers one of your files
  • Data tracking: track the use of your files
  • Access revocation: revoke your files at any time
  • Administration panel: manage the files of your team members 
  • Delegated backup: keep a data backup key in a safe place
  • Usage statistics: follow the use of Seald in your team
  • Outlook Smart Assistant (DLP): Automate encryption in Outlook with rules
  • SIEM integration: integrate Seald with your SIEM
  • AD/LDAP integration: integrate Seald with your company directory
  • Reversibility tool: use Seald for life
  • White label: make your brand stand out

Seald offers a user-friendly interface that is suitable for teams of all sizes.

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Strengths of Seald

  • Easy to use
  • Manage access rights
  • Track files

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Application Settings
User Management
Management of Rights
Data Sharing Rules
Local Backup Copies the selected files to a local media (USB stick, external hard disk, etc.)
Content Publishing & Sharing
Shared Contacts Contacts viewed and updated by multiple people
Live User Status
Data Asset Management
Authorisation to access and correct personal data
Document Management
Document Electronic Signature
Document Locking Document in view mode only. Not editable.
Documents Viewer
Email Document as a Link
Full Document Search
Photos and Videos
IT Protection
Mail Server Protection
Software Licences Management
Protection of Intellectual Property


Mobile App
Security & Confidentiality
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Personal Encryption Certificate
Strict Internal Access Controls
Daily Backups
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Control sensitive business data with built-in DLP policies based on regulatory standards such as PII and PCI, which help to identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data through deep content analysis.

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