Apache Jmeter: in summary

Apache Jmeter is an open-source load testing software designed to load test functional behaviour and measure performance. It can be used to simulate heavy loads on a server, group of servers or network to test an application's strength or to analyse overall performance under different load types.

Apache Jmeter's list of features include:

  • load and performance tests
  • full-featured Test IDE that allows fast Test Plan recording, building and debugging
  • dynamic HTML reports
  • Full multi-threading framework
  • extract data in HTML, JSON, XML or any textual format
  • CLI mode to load test data from any Java-compatible OS

Why should you choose Apache Jmeter?

  • open-source license: the software is free-to-use 
  • easy to setup: Simple installation process
  • data visualisation: test results can be displayed in charts, tables, and log files
  • multiple testing strategies: Jmeter can be used for load testing and functional testing
  • user-friendly interface
  • customisable: you can design your own type of tests
Apache Jmeter - Screenshot 1
Apache Jmeter - Screenshot 1
Apache Jmeter - Screenshot 1

Apache Jmeter: its rates

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Apache Jmeter
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