Mabl: Test Automation Software

What is Mabl?

Mabl is an automated test solution for the verification of your web applications.

It allows the automation of tests and facilitation of work for software developers. They can test their software quickly and turn to innovation thanks to the time saved.

It is a solution that combines automation and state-of-the-art technology to make testing scalable, but above all, simple. Software development teams are supported in creating reliable automated tests and can save time.

Main Features of Mabl

  • It allows you to carry out reliable tests.

  • It is a unified system that gives you an overview of all your processes in one place.

  • It allows you to see from your end user's perspective and created tests based on that.

  • It allows you to create tests for different front-end framework.

  • It allows you to run multiple tests parallel and save time.

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