Keyclic: in summary

Keyclic is the application that revolutionizes the daily management of incidents by automating repetitive tasks.

In 4 points:

  • Simple and intuitive application
  • Centralization and traceability of information
  • Automation of time-consuming tasks
  • Relevant statistics of your operational data

With Keyclic, intervention requests are centralized, allowing effective connection of stakeholders on a common interface. This centralization improves transparency within departments and facilitates communication between clients, collaborators, and responders.

Users can submit geolocated intervention requests directly from the app. They are then assigned to dedicated contacts, whether internal or external. Responders are connected to the service and use a specific interface to operate and generate reports. Requesters can track the progress of their request through notifications and provide feedback or complaints.

Keyclic adapts to various needs:

  • Developers, builders, social lessors: site monitoring, post-delivery guarantees (GPA, after-sales service) → to centralize and streamline communication between all stakeholders.
  • Facility Manager, Workplace Environment Department, Maintenance Service: to better track different tickets and improve the work-life comfort of employees.
  • Urban operators, Local Authorities: to plan and organize service maintenance in collaboration with residents.

This innovative ticketing solution is compatible with various devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets, ensuring a quick learning curve. The tool is user-friendly, with an 85% usage and adoption rate in the companies that have adopted it.

Thanks to Keyclic, you will experience a significant reduction in phone calls (70%), email processing (60%), and high customer recommendation (92%).

Its benefits

Solution developed by and for industry experts with 15 years of exp.

Simple and intuitive application

Quick implementation and deployment

Unlimited number of users

Keyclic: its rates

On demand

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