About innovation: You will love to manage your IP Portfolio !

Do you want to protect your innovations?

About Innovation is an online service platform dedicated to intellectual property that aims to simplify the management, protection and valuation of intangible assets for innovative companies (patents, trademarks, databases, etc.)
The SaaS platform brings together in a single space the best of the technologies applied to intellectual property: blockchain, trademark and patent portfolio management, and many other services.


Pro:  199 € / month
Bespoke service: quoted rate

Protection of intellectual property 

About Innovation is an online service platform dedicated to intellectual property that allows your company to group all of its intangible assets in an automated or manual way in a fluid dashboard. Simply follow the evolution of your trademark, patent, copyright, design or database registrations in a fluid dashboard.

The latest technologies for protection

The platform also includes the latest technologies to manage your company's portfolio of intangible assets and allows you to register your brand in France or abroad if you have not already done so. You can generate your prior art search reports and surveillance reports but also simply protect your creations with Blockchain technology.

Easy to learn and use

Generate unlimited copyright assignment agreements, confidentiality agreements, confidentiality policies, as well as dozens of other legal documents written by the best specialized lawyers. You will be able to sign all your legal documents online and collaborate with all stakeholders in your company. About Innovation democratizes the protection of the intangible assets of your innovative company and helps you in concrete terms to better value these assets throughout the life of your company.

Monthly subscription at 199€/month

  • Unlimited assets : Add an unlimited number of your intangible assets (among 8 types of assets)

  • Centralization and updating of IP portfolio data :  Benefit from data (legal events, extensions...) updated in real time
  • Invention module : Declare your inventions and control the validation process until filing
  • Contract library module : Generate your contracts automatically
  • Performance indicators and reporting : Optimize your strategic decisions
  • Visualization of extensions by country : Get real-time readability on your patents and trademarks
  • Multi-company management: Manage your IP between different entities (subsidiaries, business unit...)
  • Collaborative roadmap: Share with your teams and consulting firms
  • Copyright module: Identify and protect your creations
  • GDPR Module : Check your company's GDPR compliance
  • Manage the contractual relationships with your partners.

The bespoke service includes the Pro plus package:

A dedicated product manager at your service: In collaboration with your team, our product designers build your solution
Assistance available every day of the week: An account manager is dedicated  to answer your enquiries   
Your tailor-made contract library: We automate your contracts to create generators.

Editor: About Innovation

Strengths of About innovation

  • User-Friendly
  • Ergonomics
  • Certifications: ISO 27001

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€199 /month /user
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