Managing school affairs can be very exhausting and bewildering if you do not have a systematic way to manage it. Certainly, this poses many unforeseen challenges that must be solved with extreme patience. Without a doubt, it takes tremendous dedication, commitment, hard work and passion to provide students with a lasting educational experience.

To facilitate this task, EduSolution, a school management software, has been developed to help not only teachers and students, but also school administrators, librarians and accountants for a smooth, uninterrupted and efficient organization. daily school activities.

  • Our Vision: To be the world leader in software development, offering all the latest technology, innovation and great value to customers worldwide.
  • Our values ​​:
    • Innovation: We believe in continuous growth and innovation
    • Excellence: we deliver more than your expectations
    • Respect: A culture of respect and an encouraging environment are observed.
    • Leadership: results-based approach and leadership.
    • Integrity: We believe in honesty and sincerity and we do not compromise on the truth.
    • Our customers: an intimate relationship with the customer and a relationship of reconciliation with our customers. We also respect their confidentiality.
  • Our guaranties:
    • Performance and response time: consultation times for the shortest possible pages
    • Security, backups and updates: fully secure server access, protected by a firewall
    • Ownership, reversibility and integrity of data: the customer remains the owner of his data
    • Supervision of each project
    • Daily backup
    • Automatic and free updates
    • High-performance, integrated and safe solution

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Strengths of Edusolution

  • Multiple School
  • SAAS & Mobile Application
  • Customized ERP

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The phrase ERP (Entreprise Resource Planning) is mentioned a lot. But what exactly does it consist of? When should you consider if for your company? And how do you identify what you need?

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