TRADE.EASY: in summary

TRADE.EASY has been created to improve international trading efficiency. Available anywhere in the world, at anytime, TRADE.EASY is a SaaS platform designed by traders for traders.
Goods trading: how to be quicker and more efficient in international goods trading?
Thanks to the WTO, we know that more than 30 companies are involved in an international trade operation from a supplier to a customer through a trader. TRADE.EASY offers to traders to save time, to save money, to increase their business and to improve their customer’s satisfaction. Our promise is five main functionalities to structure and accelerate traders' business: sales, logistics, cash flow management, accountancy and BI. TRADE.EASY is a software to manage the whole workflow from sales to accounting without any leaks or retyping.

With TRADE.EASY, sales reps save 25% of their time by editing templated documents and by using a structured software to close. Logisticians become more rigorous and are able to follow many deals by using a smart todo list. Owners or managers optimize cash allocation, automatically generate accountancy reports and look after the business using KPI and BI analysis.

5 main functionalities for traders in TRADE.EASY

With TRADE.EASY , traders can manage the whole trading workflow :

  • Sales rep are driven in TRADE.EASY to close deals quickly and book order. It is really easy to generate pro forma invoices, and to calculate P&L before booking a deal. Your customers, suppliers, and products are stored in TRADE.EASY's database and are usable by sales people. We have measured that trained salespeople save up to 25% of their time. 
  • Logistics is a complete module to quickly have an overview on every order, to keep logistics information updated, to perform each deal thanks to smart todo lists, and to generate the associated documentation and invoice. Double your turnover without increase the number of employees.
  • Thanks to our cash flow forecasting tool, managers and CFO may prevent cash lows and peaks and optimise their loading plan.
  • Accounting is automatically exported to accountants without retyping data. Accounting expenses may be reduced by 60%.
  • Managers can monitor business through KPIs and BI reports.

Of course, TRADE.EASY is available for all currencies.

Benefits : Save time and improve margin !

Its benefits

Ready-to-use software, reachable online at anytime, from any

Personalized dashboards, KPIs and tracking indicators

Forecast your cash flow thanks to live report

Certifications:ISO 27001, HDS, Anti-fraude, GDPR

TRADE.EASY - Screenshot 1
TRADE.EASY - Screenshot 1
TRADE.EASY - Screenshot 1

TRADE.EASY: its rates

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