SMART by GEP: Procurement Software

What is SMART by GEP ? 

SMART by GEP is a procurement software that aims to reshape your end-to-end procurement operations. It is a cloud-based source-to-pay procurement platform that has all the tools to help companies boost their strategic reach and have a more productive business. 

What are SMART by GEP's features ?  

The software's goal is to help manage all risks a company could face. It also helps prevent supply chain disruptions that would impact the company's profitability. To do so here are its main features :

  • Spend analysis : this allows users to quickly understand their expenditures
  • Savings tracking : users can track all the cost-saving measures the company took, and study their impact
  • Sourcing : this helps evaluate suppliers
  • Contract management : this feature assists the contract creation and management process
  • Supplier management : supplier performance can be monitored to optimize productivity


  • identify opportunities
  • manage costs and promote savings
  • fluid workflow
  • easy to use mobile app

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