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Webmecanik Pipeline - CRMA free CRM tool : Webmecanik Pipeline

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Paid version from €20.00 /month

Streamline your customer interactions with powerful CRM software. Automate tasks, track sales, and manage leads with ease.

With our CRM software, you can access a range of features to improve customer relations. The platform enables you to automate repetitive tasks, such as email campaigns and lead nurturing, freeing up valuable time. Our software also provides detailed analytics and reporting on sales performance, allowing you to make informed decisions about your business strategy.

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Easy to use

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Zoho CRMThe Smart and Efficient Solution for your Sales Team

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Paid version from €14.00 /month

Manage your customer interactions efficiently with this cloud-based software. Automate tasks, track sales and improve customer satisfaction.

With its intuitive interface and extensive customization options, this software offers a complete solution for managing customer relationships. Effortlessly manage customer data, automate workflows and analyze sales performance.

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Streamlines sales: Manage leads, contacts, deals

Enhances engagement: Personalise customer interactions

Provides insights: Robust reporting and forecasting

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HubSpot CRMThe all-in-one powerful software for sales

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Pricing on request

Streamline sales and marketing with cloud-based CRM. Offers contact management, deal pipelines, & reporting.

HubSpot CRM provides comprehensive solutions for businesses eager to enhance their sales and marketing activities. It seamlessly integrates contact management, deal pipelines, and advanced reporting in a user-friendly environment. Additionally, it offers email tracking & notifications, prospect activity tracking, and much more, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and grow efficiently.

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Streamlines sales process and improves efficiency

Provides insights for better decision making

Enhances customer experience and retention

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Webmecanik AutomationOpen Source marketing automation solution without limits

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €400.00 /month

Streamline your marketing efforts with automation software that tracks customer behaviour, generates leads and nurtures relationships.

Automate your lead generation process and nurture customer relationships with personalised content. Track website visitors, create custom forms and landing pages, and analyse your campaigns for optimal results.

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Proactive support

GDPR compliance

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ZoomInfoA new standard in B2B intelligence for go-to market

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

Sales Intelligence software that provides accurate and up-to-date information on potential customers, helping businesses to identify and target leads more efficiently.

The software offers a range of features such as contact details, company information, and social media insights. It also allows users to create customised lists and alerts for specific industries and job titles.

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Contact Data Accuracy

Performance and Reliability

User, Role, and Access Management

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €28.00 /month

Streamline your business operations with a powerful Software Vendor software. Automate tasks, manage workflows and improve productivity.

Cut costs and increase efficiency with EOLECC. The software offers a range of features including task automation, workflow management and productivity tracking. Perfect for organisations looking to streamline their operations.

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Easy-to-use and cost-effective solution

Fast thanks to a mix of automated tools and human actions

Enhance collaborative work

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

This software offers a comprehensive suite of features for managing communication, collaboration, and productivity.

DeskNow simplifies email, calendar, contacts, and task management, while also providing groupware features like shared folders, document management, and instant messaging. Its web-based interface and mobile access make it easy to use from anywhere.

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Full Overview In One Place (web & app)

Instant Booking Management

Full Asset Management

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Automate your business processes and increase efficiency with this Software Vendor software.

Streamline your workflows with powerful automation tools, including visual process designer and intelligent business rules engine. Collaborate with ease across departments and manage customer relationships with a unified CRM. Gain actionable insights with built-in analytics and reporting.

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User-friendly interface

Full customization

Wide range of support options

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

This software streamlines business operations, optimises resource allocation, and enhances collaboration.

With its intuitive interface and customisable features, Smartplan enables businesses to easily schedule and manage tasks, allocate resources efficiently, and collaborate seamlessly with team members. Its powerful analytics tools provide insights that help businesses optimise their operations and improve productivity.

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Intuitive & easy-to-use handling

No setup fees & affordable entry-level prices

Free, non-binding trial month

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Efficient and user-friendly software vendor for businesses. Provides Epos solutions for easy and accurate management of sales and inventory.

The software's key features include real-time updates, customisable menus, and integration with payment systems. The software is cloud-based, making it accessible from any device with internet access. The software's intuitive interface and detailed reporting capabilities make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations.

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advanced features

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