RevisAudit Premium: Account software for Chartered Public Accountants

RevisAudit Premium is the more performing and most innovative audit and revision of account software for Chartered Public Accountants on the market.

Thanks to many features provided by RevisAudit Premium, you earn:

• In rapidity with the automation of work programs, collaboration or audit assistants

• In simplicity thanks to its intuitive ergonomics but also the integrated EDM (Electronic Document Management)

• In efficiency and security with an integrated search engine and several updates per year to be always in compliance with ISAs

6 reasons to choose RevisAudit Start

RevisAudit was chosen by more than 7,000 professionals, is that we have been able to find solution to ensure serene audit engagements.

  • Collaboration

Work in team on the same audit folder (in nomad or linked)
Transmission of read-only file to a third part

  • Save time

Automation of the work program
Use of templates contained in the document library
Importation of the entries file

  • Customization

Software settings according to your criteria
Adaptation of questionnaires
Integrating your own financial statements

  • Security

Encrypting database information
Differentiated access rights of employees (4 levels)
Logging changes multi-year records

  • Centralization

Integration of a Document Management System (DMS) to centralize financial information and attachments

  • Compliance with norms

Conformity with ISAs and many updates in real time


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Accounting Entries Traceability
Annual & Permanent Record
Cycle Summary Management
FEC Audit
Mission Plan Management
Obligations & Tasks Management
Statemet Formalisation
Summary Note
Document management
Cross-Device Sync
Document Library
Document Locking Document in view mode only. Not editable.
Document Templates
Document versions
Full Document Search
Shared Folders
Shared documents

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