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Our selection of 132 accounting & finance software

Powerful ERP software that streamlines business processes, manages inventory, and boosts productivity.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting, this ERP software is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems and automates tasks, freeing up time for more important work. Plus, its real-time analytics provide valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Read our analysis about Furious Benefits of Furious

A complete 100% French project management system

A modern, user-friendly interface

Designed by agency and IT services executives

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Paid version from €41.99 /month

Streamline your customer interactions with a powerful CRM software. Manage your leads, deals, and tasks all in one place.

Increase your sales efficiency with Axonaut's CRM software. Automate your workflow, track customer interactions, and get detailed reports to make informed decisions. With Axonaut, you can focus on building relationships with your customers and growing your business.

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Easy to use



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Paid version from €5.10 /month

Streamline expense management with automated processes, real-time tracking, and simplified reporting.

With N2F, users can easily capture receipts, categorize expenses, and submit reports from anywhere. The software's powerful integrations with accounting systems and credit cards ensure accurate and efficient expense tracking. Plus, its user-friendly interface and mobile app make it easy for employees to stay on top of their expenses while on the go.

Read our analysis about N2F Benefits of N2F

User-friendly, time-saving solution with smart scan (OCR)

Legal archiving: discard all paper receipts

Mobile and Web app designed for SMEs and MidCaps

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Paid version from €69.00 /month

Streamline expenses with intuitive software, automate expense reports, and simplify the reimbursement process.

With this software, employees can easily submit expenses and receipts, managers can approve or reject claims, and finance teams can quickly generate reports for accounting purposes. The software integrates with popular accounting software and offers real-time tracking of expenses.

Read our analysis about Eurécia Notes de frais Benefits of Eurécia Notes de frais

Save time on managing expense reports

Reliability of accounting expense reports

Simplifiy your accounting

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Paid version from €9.00 /month

Streamlines expense logging, approval, and reimbursement process efficiently.

Pleo offers an innovative solution for managing business expenses, automating the expense logging, approval, and reimbursement process. It simplifies financial workflows, providing real-time visibility into spending. Moreover, Pleo enhances policy compliance, making it a comprehensive tool for expense management.

Read our analysis about Pleo Benefits of Pleo

Easy to use

Save time

Save money

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Revolutionises desktop publishing with intuitive design tools and cross-platform compatibility.

Flowie redefines desktop publishing by providing a suite of intuitive design tools aimed at enhancing productivity and creativity. With cross-platform compatibility, it supports seamless workflow between different devices, fostering collaboration and efficiency. It's designed to cater to both beginners and professionals, making it ideal for a wide array of publishing projects. Flowie stands out for its user-friendly interface and extensive template library, simplifying the design process.

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Procurement and Finance Operations platform for modern companies

Global P2P, O2C and cashflow management platform

Approval of supplier invoices with an AI Copilot

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Paid version from €299.00 /month

Streamline your subscription management with easy billing, payment processing, and revenue recognition.

Chargebee's subscription management software simplifies recurring billing, automates payment processing, and ensures accurate revenue recognition. With features like dunning management, customer portal, and integrations with popular payment gateways, Chargebee helps businesses of all sizes manage their subscriptions effortlessly.

Read our analysis about Chargebee Benefits of Chargebee

Recurring payments with 29+ payment gateways

Analyses 150+ key metrics to optimise revenue and retention

Supports 30+ payment methods and 100+ currencies

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Automate debt collection with ease using this software. Track and manage debts, automate reminders, and improve cash flow.

With this debt collection software, you can easily manage all your outstanding debts from a single platform. Set up automated reminders and track payment history to improve your cash flow. The software also provides real-time analytics and reporting to help you make informed decisions.

Read our analysis about Hoopiz Credit Management Benefits of Hoopiz Credit Management

Coverage of the entire sales-to-cash chain

Modular: Recovery, credit insurance,...

Ease of use and speed of installation

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Paid version from €199.00 /month

Streamline payments with this payment gateway software. Accept a variety of payment methods and currencies with ease.

Wallester simplifies payment processing with its user-friendly interface and robust security features. Its flexibility allows businesses to expand globally, with multi-currency support and seamless integration with e-commerce platforms.

Read our analysis about Wallester Benefits of Wallester

300 virtual cards for FREE

No top-up fee, no service fee

Multiple currencies available - EUR, USD, CZK, RON, SEK, NOK, HUF

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Paid version from €19.95 /month

Streamline equipment maintenance with our software. Manage work orders, track inventory, and schedule preventative maintenance.

Our equipment maintenance software, designed for businesses of all sizes, ensures that your equipment stays in top condition. With our work order management system, you can easily assign tasks and track progress. Our inventory tracking feature ensures that you always have the necessary parts on hand.

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Paid version from €34.00 /month

Boost your business with a comprehensive ERP software. Streamline your operations, track inventory, manage finances, and optimise workflows.

With an ERP software, you can manage your entire business in one place. Automate tasks, analyse data, and make informed decisions. Gain visibility across departments and improve collaboration. Stay on top of your game with an ERP solution.

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Paid version from €49.00 /year

Streamline document signing process with top-level security and easy integration features.

GoSign offers an efficient solution for managing electronic signatures, improving workflow with its top-tier security protocols, user-friendly interface, and easy integration with other software. It supports a variety of document formats, facilitating seamless document transactions in a digital environment, ensuring legal compliance and enhancing business processes.

Read our analysis about GoSign Benefits of GoSign

Time gained, money saved

Sign documents at anytime and anywhere in an easy way

Full legal and regulatory compliance

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €13.50 /month

Streamline your billing and invoicing process with intuitive software that automates tasks and saves you time.

Evoliz is a cloud-based software that simplifies your billing and invoicing process with its user-friendly interface. It allows you to create, send and track invoices, automate recurring invoices, manage expenses and payments, and generate custom reports, all in one place. Say goodbye to manual work and hello to efficiency with Evoliz.

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Paid version from €69.00 /month

Streamline your restaurant operations with a powerful cash register software. Manage orders, inventory, and payments with ease.

With the ability to customize menus, track sales in real-time, and generate detailed reports, this software is the perfect solution for any restaurant looking to increase efficiency and profitability. Plus, it's user-friendly interface makes training staff a breeze.

Read our analysis about Lightspeed Benefits of Lightspeed

All-in-one platform

Multiple integrations

Unlimited support

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Paid version from US$12.95 /month

Streamline your finances with this cloud-based accounting software. Easily manage expenses, invoices, and payments.

With this software, you can automate billing and invoicing, track time and expenses, and generate financial reports. The intuitive interface makes it easy to use, and the mobile app lets you manage your finances on-the-go. Plus, it integrates with popular payment gateways, so you can get paid faster.

Read our analysis about FreshBooks Benefits of FreshBooks

User-friendly interface for easy navigation and quick access

Integrations with popular business tools like PayPal, Stripe

Mobile app for managing finances on-the-go and 24/7 customer

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Pricing on request

Manage corporate travel with ease, from booking to expense reporting. Streamline processes and gain visibility into spend.

Simplify travel booking and approval, ensure compliance with company policies, and automate expense tracking. Analyse data to optimise spend and negotiate better rates with suppliers.

Read our analysis about Concur Expense
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Paid version from €8.00 /month

Streamline expenses, automate approval processes, and gain real-time insights with this expense management software.

With powerful integrations and easy-to-use mobile app, this software simplifies expense tracking and reporting for businesses of all sizes. Customisable policies and flexible reporting options ensure compliance and transparency.

Read our analysis about Rydoo
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Paid version from €78.00 /year

Streamline your billing process with this invoicing software, featuring easy-to-use templates and automated payment reminders.

Say goodbye to manual invoicing and late payments with this software. Its intuitive interface and customisable templates make invoicing a breeze, while automated payment reminders ensure timely payments.

Read our analysis about ClicFacture
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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €20.00 /month

Automate your billing and invoicing process with our software. Create and send professional-looking invoices in no time.

Our software streamlines your billing process, allowing you to easily track payments and send reminders to clients. You can set up recurring invoices, accept online payments, and generate detailed reports for better financial management. Say goodbye to manual invoicing and hello to more time for growing your business.

Read our analysis about Flexina devis et facturation
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Paid version from €5.00 /month

Simplify your expense management with this software. Track expenses, generate reports, and manage approvals easily.

This software streamlines the expense management process with its intuitive interface. It allows users to track expenses, generate reports, and manage approvals easily. With its advanced features, users can also set up automatic approvals and integrate with other accounting software.

Read our analysis about Expensya
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Accounting & Finance software: purchase guide

The Importance of Finance and Accounting Software

Finance and accounting software helps companies streamline and automate financial management processes. This helps companies ensure their books are accurate and reduces the time required for recurring processes such as billing and reconciliation.

Accounting software products vary according to the complexity and functionality offered; many products are optimized for use by businesses of a certain size, such as industrial-level companies or SMEs.

Depending on the scale of the product, they may include features for payroll, time tracking or expenses. The accounting software can also be a module or integrated with ERP Suite software or enterprise CRM.