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Traditional accounting and finance solutions do not always support subscription management. A subscription-based invoicing and recurring revenue software is more appropriate.  

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Our selection of 16 subscription management software

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Paid version from €299.00 /month

Streamline your subscription management with easy billing, payment processing, and revenue recognition.

Chargebee's subscription management software simplifies recurring billing, automates payment processing, and ensures accurate revenue recognition. With features like dunning management, customer portal, and integrations with popular payment gateways, Chargebee helps businesses of all sizes manage their subscriptions effortlessly.

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Recurring payments with 29+ payment gateways

Analyses 150+ key metrics to optimise revenue and retention

Supports 30+ payment methods and 100+ currencies

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Paid version from €79.00 /month

Streamline your subscription management with powerful automation tools and flexible pricing options for your customers.

ProAbono's subscription management software offers a range of features to help you manage your subscriptions efficiently. With automated billing and payment processing, you can easily manage your customer base and ensure that you never miss a payment. You can also create flexible pricing options for your customers, including discounts, free trials, and more.

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Dedicated exclusively to SaaS solutions

Suitable for all models: subscription, consumption...

Unlimited interconnection to third-party systems

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Paid version from €49.00 /month

Automate subscription management, billing, and revenue recognition with powerful software.

Streamline your subscription-based business with our software's flexible pricing models, customisable invoices, and real-time analytics. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to increased efficiency and accuracy.

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Customer Support

German data protection & EU-DSGVO

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Automate billing and invoicing with ease. Boost efficiency and save time with our software's user-friendly interface and intuitive features.

Our billing and invoicing software streamlines the process, allowing you to generate professional-looking invoices, track payments, and manage customer information all in one place. With customizable templates and automated reminders, Sofacto takes the hassle out of billing.

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Automated billing

Subscription Management

Salesforce Native App

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Manage subscriptions seamlessly with this software. Automate billing, renewals and cancellations with ease.

This subscription management software streamlines the entire subscription process. From managing the subscription lifecycle to automating billing and cancellations, it makes it easy to keep track of your subscribers. With this software, you can focus on growing your business, while it takes care of the rest.

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Streamline your subscription management with powerful automation tools and seamless integrations.

Abowire's subscription management software allows you to easily automate recurring billing, manage customer accounts, and gain insight into your business with detailed reporting. With integrations for popular payment gateways and CRMs, you can streamline your entire subscription process from start to finish.

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Simple and intuitive to use

Fast and frictionless launch

Feel safe & secure with recurring payments

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Paid version from €99.00 /month

Manage your subscriptions with ease. Track payments, automate billing and offer customisable plans.

Plenigo's subscription management software simplifies your billing process. It offers flexible pricing options and allows you to personalise your plans to meet your customers' needs. The platform also tracks payments, providing you with valuable financial insights.

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Subscription Management

Billing Automation

Recurring Payment

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Pricing on request

Streamline your subscription management with our software. Automate billing, invoicing and customer management.

Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks with Dotsha, our subscription management software. With features such as automated billing, invoicing, and customer management, you can focus on growing your business.

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Paid version from €49.00 /month

Streamline your subscription management with this powerful software. Automate billing, invoicing, and customer communication.

Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to increased efficiency. Upzelo's intuitive platform allows you to easily manage subscriptions, track revenue, and gain insights into customer behaviour. Plus, with customisable features and integrations, you can tailor the software to your business needs.

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Churn Management

Subscription Retention

Net Revenue Retention

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Automate your billing process with easy-to-use software. Get paid faster and reduce errors.

Stripe Billing simplifies the invoicing process by automating recurring payments, sending reminders, and providing detailed analytics. The software integrates with popular payment gateways and offers customization options for branding and pricing.

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Paid version from US$149.00 /month

Easily manage and automate recurring subscriptions, billing, and revenue recognition with this powerful software.

With this subscription management software, you can streamline your billing process, automate dunning, and gain insights into your revenue with robust reporting and analytics. Plus, it integrates with popular payment gateways, accounting software, and CRMs to make managing your subscriptions even easier.

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Pricing on request

Manage recurring payments and subscriptions with ease. Automate billing, track customer data, and increase revenue with this powerful software.

Say goodbye to manual billing processes and hello to streamlined subscription management. Zuora offers flexible pricing options, revenue recognition tools, and deep analytics to help you grow your business. Plus, with integrations to popular payment gateways and CRMs, you can easily sync your data and keep everything in one place.

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Paid version from US$99.00 /month

Streamline subscription management with powerful software. Automate billing, invoicing and revenue recognition with ease.

The software simplifies the subscription process with its intuitive interface. It offers customizable billing cycles and pricing models. It also provides real-time analytics and insights into customer behaviour.

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Automate subscription billing and management with a powerful SaaS solution. Streamline your billing process and improve customer experience.

Manage your customer subscriptions with ease using automated billing and invoicing. Reduce churn with customizable payment options and real-time analytics. Fusebill's subscription management software is the solution you need for efficient billing and customer management.

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Streamline and automate your subscription management with powerful tools that simplify the process.

Rebilly's subscription management software offers a comprehensive suite of features that allow you to easily manage subscriptions, billing, and customer communication. With Rebilly, you can automate payment processing, manage discounts and promotions, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

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Manage recurring payments with ease. Automate billing, track payments, and handle refunds with our subscription management software.

With our subscription management software, you can set up recurring payments for your customers effortlessly. You can create custom plans, set pricing, and automate billing. The software also allows you to track payments, manage refunds, and send invoices automatically.

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Subscription Management software: purchase guide

What is an online subscription management software?


Subscription management software makes it easy to set up packages and build customer loyalty through automatic subscription renewal. It is a solution designed to manage all the steps related to a subscription process, from collecting confidential information at the time of subscription to unsubscribing. It allows you to handle all the recurring invoicing of an organization. 

How it works

A subscription management software integrates different modules, programmed to automate various tasks. These modules concern the automation of payments, subscriptions or unsubscriptions. Whether for auto contractors or large companies, they allow you to send reminders in real-time on the deadlines, quotes, and invoices of each customer, and thus to benefit from the continuous service. With user consent, they gather their card information and keep it on file to manage payments on a recurring basis. These modules also support the development and analysis of various statistics from subscriptions. The aim is to know the customers and offer them the services and products likely to interest them. 

What are the main features of a SaaS subscription management solution?

Subscription sales require the management of several administrative tasks. These software packages provide a complete set of tools to optimize the subscription billing process. Also, subscription management software must offer the following features: 

Data management  

A subscription management software usually includes a data management tool. This makes it easier to track orders, entries, payments or subscription changes requested by customers. The software proposes the creation of a database.

Payment management 

To facilitate the management of payment data, the software offers automatic direct debit. This recurring billing software allows you to invoice any amount. It is possible to adjust this recurrence at regular intervals, for example, for each week or month. The user can then enter a subscription only once with all the important details: frequency, start date, number of deadlines.  Invoice templates can be generated and printed on a regular basis with minimal preparation.  Reports allow efficient monitoring of accounts receivable and recurring invoices. The customer will only have to give his bank details and decide on the desired subscription, whether it is an annual or monthly subscription. 

Invoice generation 

Although the invoicing method varies from one customer to another, the subscription business management software offers features similar to invoicing software in order to automate the edition of all invoices. The software generates invoices from the customer data entered. In parallel, the tool reports on these invoices to facilitate the monitoring of the company's cash flow.  These actions help to improve business management. 

The creation of quotations 

A subscription management software allows you to quickly prepare a quote with a simple click. Simply integrate services and products at the customer's request and the software can calculate it. 

Who uses subscription management tools?

Subscription management tools are intended for all concerned companies offering subscription services, regardless of their size or main sector. It is an essential solution for monitoring subscription sales activity using automated tools designed to report on subscription trends or various analyses of customer behavior. Companies can better manage customer activities and therefore improve their customer relations and recurring billings.  

Why use subscription management software in a company?

The management of subscription contracts that are associated with customer quotes allows the automating generation of recurring invoices. This software offers significant advantages to organizations 


  • It ensures real-time monitoring and anticipation of deadlines with recurring billing 
  • It improves the productivity of the structure 
  • It ensures the sustainability of the activity thanks to subscription billing
  • The automation system allows the management of recurring invoices 
  • It ensures the automatic renewal of subscriptions 


  • The best subscription management software are all subject to a fee

How to choose the best subscription management software?

There are so many subscription management platforms that it is sometimes difficult to choose the right tool:

Supply management: subscription issue, customers can change their minds and switch from one offer to another. It is essential that the software facilitates this change and that it is done with a simple click. This is to streamline the subscription process and improve the customer experience. 

The extra features: before choosing a subscription management software, the best thing to do is to compare the functions. In particular, it is easier to choose a tool that provides alerts on small details such as subscription renewals. This is in order to maximize profits. 

Recurring invoicing: It is important for subscription management software to be able to manage unpaid bills without having to deal with an accountant. It is particularly useful to see if the company can invoice customers on a regular basis to plan, for example, the renewal of members in an association. As with online invoicing software, intuitive reports can be set up. Dashboards allow the monitoring of customer accounts and invoicing. Recurring billing is very interesting for the company to increase the lifetime value of a customer. 

Speed of execution: it is essential that the software quickly manages customer requests to improve the services offered. The data search must be done as quickly as possible. The same applies to the preparation of invoices. It is necessary that the tool does not show any bugs, in order not to lose customers.

Cost: Subscription management software is available at different prices. This generally depends on their rich functionality and the services included, including the integration of technical support. Professional software is the most ideal choice. 

The 10 most popular professional subscription management software

Subscription management requires the use of computer software to reduce tasks and working time. This is an essential solution to ensure the sustainability of its product or service offer by subscription. 

Subscription Management softwares: Q&A

A subscription management software automates the entire subscription lifecycle, from sign-up to cancellation. It enables businesses to manage customer data, billing, renewals, and upgrades in a single platform. The software also helps to track customer behavior and preferences, enabling businesses to tailor their offerings and provide a better customer experience.

When looking for subscription management software, you should look for features such as automated billing and invoicing, customer management, subscription management, payment gateway integration, and analytics and reporting. Additionally, consider the software's scalability, security, and ease of use.

Subscription management software provides several benefits to businesses, including increased revenue through recurring payments, improved customer retention through personalized offerings, reduced administrative costs through automation, and better data insights through analytics and reporting. It also enables businesses to streamline their operations and focus on core business activities.

The best subscription management software options include Chargebee, Zuora, Recurly, and Stripe Billing. These software options offer a range of features and pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes and industries. Consider the specific needs of your business when selecting a software option.

There are several free subscription management software alternatives that you could try, including PayPal Subscriptions, PayWhirl, and SubscriptionBoss. While these software options may not offer the same range of features as their paid counterparts, they are a good starting point for businesses with limited budgets or simple subscription needs.