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Now more than ever, sourcing sustainably should be a top priority for companies. Does your company's product have any wood in them? Short answer, yes, they most likely do. Wood can be found in anything from packaging products all the way to furniture and decoration products. If you ever wondered how your company can make a lasting impact on the environment with your supply chain, Ekwato has got you covered!


Ekwato is a SaaS risk management software designed for companies who deal with wood supply. It's designed to analyze and tell you everything from the financial consequences related to a potential blockage, all the way to regulatory complicance. Ekwato is a highly unique product because it caters to your company's specific situation and needs. It doesn't matter if you're an importer or exporter, forestry manager or distributor of woods products, Ekwato's catered solution will be perfect for your or any company. 

What We Like 

As we said before, we really like Ekwato because it's a solution unlike any other. Ekwato provides a perfect solution for companies who deal with wood as one of their main products. In fact, we'd so far as to say Ekwato seems like an essential solution for any company looking to avoid excess risk in their supply chain. 

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