TADA: Predictive Data Analysis for Business Experts

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Are you an expert in your domain and need to easily analyze your data? Do you want to be able to extract predictions from small datasets? 

TADA is a predictive modeling software dedicated to business experts. Efficient from datasets of 50 samples, it automatically select the best machine learning model from an infinite number of models.
TADA is already used in many domains such as : 

  • Industry 
  • Medical Research 
  • Research and development 
  • Public applications
  • Real estate 
  • Transport 
  • Finance

TADA bears innovative technology designed to help you extract value from data that traditional software cannot treat and take full advantage of Machine Learning. Unique on the market, TADA can perform its predictions in any environment, whether it is embedded in an industrial robot or integrated in the microcontroller of a coffee machine. TADA can be used in SaaS as well as on a desktop. It allows a multitude of applications: 

  • Transform: Turn your data (whether scientific, industrial, customer files or others) into relevant and interpretable information.
  • Optimize: Build efficient predictive models in hours or even minutes with our automated data preparation. TADA allows you to optimize your preparation time by 40%.
  • Deploy: Solve complex problems and quickly discover new opportunities securely and on any work environment: cloud, edge, desktop, mobile.
  • Accelerate : Present understandable and explainable predictive models and facilitate decision making.

TADA does not require any knowledge in code nor Machine Learning.

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Strengths of TADA

  • Easy to use
  • Fast execution
  • Understandable model generation
  • Certifications: HADS, ISO 9001, GDPR

TADA demo and screenshots

TADA Home Page Variables selection Project informations Dataset details Model details Model overview Model comparison

TADA customers

INSERM BPI France CHU Nice CNRS LVMH Research center Thales Sanofi

TADA pricing and features

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€80 /month /user

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