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Hypersay Events is a platform for hosting and running online events, focused on a new type of group networking: the FrontRows. This unique feature allows participants, besides attending live streams, to also meet friends and colleagues that are attending the same event. This group networking feature allows up to six people on a "virtual couch" to share an audio call, a private chat and other ways to stay connected.

Apart from the FrontRow, Hypersay Events allows organisers to create registration pages, sell tickets, run a built-in video studio as well as manage the live event.

Advantages of Hypersay Events

  • an innovative way to do networking: FrontRow.
  • all-in-one integrated platform to handle online events
  • ticketing and registration up to live streaming
  • Certifications:GDPR
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/1 users

Starting at $1 / attendee.


Video Conference


Event Information Management
Hostesses Management
Speaker-Audience Interactions Management

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