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Communication software is designed to facilitate the sharing of information between employees or with external individuals: chat, voice calls, videoconferencing, screen sharing, social networks and much more.

Best Communication Software

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Integration & Interoperability

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What is business communication?

Communication solutions are multiplying to accompany you in your communication plan. Communication actions can be very expensive and that is why they must be optimized so that they can achieve their intended purpose. We recommend that you rely on the communication tools at your disposal in order to succeed in your communication strategy.

What is corporate communication?

Corporate communication can be internal or external.

  • External communication: This is the message you will convey to your customers, prospects and competing companies. It is essential to develop a coherent communication policy. Carry a positive image that matches the spirit of your business and the products or services you offer.
  • Internal communication: This is the communication that is put in place at the heart of your business. It encompasses the possibility of conveying the message quickly, under the best conditions, but also the most optimal way to exploit it. The means of communication must be chosen with great care. It will also affect the atmosphere between you and your employees.

What are the communication tools at your disposal?

To build a solid communication plan, use the features of the available communication tools:

  • Messaging and instant messaging: Send emails for asynchronous communication or chat with your collaborators or prospects via instant messaging for synchronous communication.
  • Online video conferencing: Imagine your meetings differently by using video to converse with your customers or collaborators who are distant or can not move. Do not waste time on the move and favor a stronger link with regular video conferencing.
  • Social network management software: Control your publications and make statistics to estimate the impact of your marketing strategy.
  • The dematerialization of your documents: Transfer files to your employees in one click and make a quick search to consult a file filed by another person.
  • Desktop publishing: Print your flyers, posters or commercial documents in an automated way by printing your scanned files and in large volumes.
  • Creating and Sending Mail: Automate recurring tasks like reminder emails with software that connects you to a print and distribution center.
  • SEO software: It helps you boost the consultation of your publications on your website by selecting keywords and SEO techniques to optimize them. Thus your website appears quickly in search engine research by changing the editorial quality of your content.
  • VoIP (VoIP over IP): Communicate through your company's Internet network and operate a dematerialized switchboard!

And why are communication tools an asset for your company?

Institutional communication is a real challenge for the development of your business and is part of your marketing strategy.

The advantages of these communication tools are:

  • Quick access to all your emails online or offline
  • Easy sharing of information with all your employees
  • Optimization of communication objectives
  • The possibility of sharing a mailbox or a folder on which you work in collaboration;
  • More efficient document management
  • Communication media more readily available;
  • Good information flow management within your company
  • Face the competition by being competitive and responsive;
  • Harmonization of your internal and external communication;
  • A gain in market share and a positive evolution of the image of your company.

Free or paid tools?

You will find software solutions and communication tools in free version, with licenses or in SaaS mode. Feel free to compare offers and test them because they are often associated with a free trial version.

But do not skimp on the investment of strong and powerful communication tools just to save money. The communication policy of your company is a strong lever for development and greatly influences the evolution of your company. It is also important to offer your employees the opportunity to work in good conditions, find information quickly and to view or exchange files without any obstacles.

Communication techniques will impact your reputation and the visual identity of your company. To develop a sophisticated communication strategy, choose the many communication tools that are available to you!

Communications solutions

A Telephony Software allows you to manage all tasks related to Communications. Find and compare Telephony Software for your business.

A Mobility Software allows you to manage all tasks related to Communications. Find and compare Mobility Software for your business.

Talking directly to an audience that is interested by your service is not a dream, it's called Webinar. Program a public webinar to present your vision and your expertise. People join your webinar and you collect their contact details at the end.

VoIP Software allows you to make calls abroad via the Internet, thus drastically reducing costs.

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