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Our selection of 3 video management software

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Streamline your video management with advanced features for organisation, editing and sharing.

Plussh's video management software offers a user-friendly interface for organising your video library, including tagging, categorising and searching. Edit your videos with precision using the built-in tools, and share them easily with customisable permissions and integrations with popular platforms.

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Video management software to upload, organize, and stream videos with ease. Customizable player, analytics, and security features.

With Contus Vplay, you can create your own video portal with a personalized player, and manage your content library with ease. The software provides analytics tools to track viewer engagement and security features to protect your videos.

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The video management software offers advanced analytics and custom branding options, ensuring an engaging user experience.

With Vplayed, businesses can easily upload, manage and monetize video content while tracking performance through detailed analytics. The software also offers custom branding options to maintain brand consistency across all video channels.

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Compatible with AWS, Microsoft Azure & Akamai server systems

Live streaming to web, desktop & mobile

In-built video analytics

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Video Management softwares: Q&A

A video management software (VMS) is designed to manage and control video surveillance footage. It works by capturing, storing, and retrieving video footage from cameras connected to the system. The software includes features such as motion detection, remote access, and video analytics to provide insights into user behaviour.

When looking for a video management software, you should look for features such as scalability, compatibility, user-friendly interface, video analytics, remote access and mobile app support. Additionally, the software should be able to integrate with other security systems like alarm systems and access control systems.

Video management software provides several benefits to businesses such as increased security, decreased theft and vandalism, and improved safety. It also provides valuable insights into customer behaviour, allowing companies to optimize store layouts and merchandising, leading to increased sales and profits.

The best video management software options in the UK market include Milestone XProtect, Genetec Security Center, and Avigilon Control Center. These software offer a range of features and scalability, providing comprehensive security solutions for businesses of any size.

Some free video management software alternatives include iSpy, ZoneMinder, and Bluecherry. These software offer limited features compared to paid options, but they are a good starting point for small businesses or those on a tight budget.