Movavi Video Editor: in summary

Movavi Video Editor: in summary

Movavi Video Editor is video editing software that simplifies the process of creating polished and professional-looking videos.

With an extensive selection of assets and easy-to-use features, Movavi Video Editor makes video editing accessible and enjoyable for anyone.

What can you do with Movavi Video Editor?

Movavi Video Editor offers various features for creating impressive videos, including:

-Editing and enhancing video clips

-Creating video montages

-Visual effects, filters, transitions, titles, etc.

-AI-powered tools like background removal, noise removal, and motion tracking

-Color correction

-Audio editing

Is the software difficult to use?

Movavi Video Editor is designed for users of all levels, but is particularly beginner-friendly. The intuitive design and step-by-step tutorial make it straightforward for anyone to start editing right away. Each feature also includes an explanation of its purpose for those who may be unfamiliar with  video editing terminology.

Movavi's website also offers a support center with tutorials and guides, as well as a support team that can assist with any questions or issues.

Benefits of Movavi Video Editor

-User-friendly and intuitive even for beginners

-Collection of assets and tools to create awesome videos

-You can edit manually or use AI to save time

-Tutorials and support available for users

-Export in various formats and share on YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms

Movavi Video Editor pricing

Movavi Video Editor offers a free trial, as well as various paid plans per user: monthly, annually, and lifetime. Let's take a look a closer look:

Free trial – A limited-time version with a watermark that allows users to test the software before committing.

Monthly plan - $19.95/month per user, includes all features with free updates and support.

Annual plan - $79.95/year per user for Movavi Video Editor Plus, which includes the same as monthly plan, plus access to additional effect packs.

Lifetime license - $99.95 for one-time purchase per user for Movavi Video Editor Plus, which includes the same as annual plan, but no major version updates.

Movavi Video Editor user reviews

Users praise the software for its ease of use and varying feature set. Many especially appreciate the built-in library and AI tools that greatly facilitate the editing process. It's also affordable compared to other video editors.

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Movavi Video Editor: its rates

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