Timelapse Lab: in summary

TimelapseLab produces intelligent industrial devices for the remote monitoring of construction sites and it offers an innovative software based on artificial intelligence.
With a wide range of cutting-edge and customizable products and services, we combine the production of high-definition plug and play devices, resistant to all critical issues, with a functional management platform for remote control of jobs. The innovative platform also integrates software signed by TimelapseLab, based on neural networks and data security, which allows blurring of faces, bodies, license plates, vehicles and areas.
We invent before it becomes necessary, always thinking long-term, including the creation of tailor-made products to target our customer's needs.

Versatility and reliability in a single device: TLA8

The industrial device TLA8, CE marked and with pending patent application, is built with high quality materials, and it is IP67 certified, thus being able to withstand the most adverse weather conditions and all construction site criticalities. It can be installed on any surface, it is protected against the entry of dust, sand and in general any small solid body. The device is equipped with different accessories that ensure its use in every situation (transport box, remote motorized varifocal lenses, power supplies with buffer batteries, backup batteries). The TLA8 is plug & play, easy to install independently by anyone, it can be shipped throughout Italy and abroad.

Reliability is the key to success, in fact it does not require on-site maintenance or periodic checks (e.i. cleaning, SD change), as it is designed for the long term.

The innovative solution for worksite monitoring. Data certainty, control and promotion.

The dashboard available to the user offers total management of images and system from the earliest stages of installation. The integration of AI powered software based on neural networks and vertically trained on the construction sites guarantees privacy and security. The user area allows to view and to download automatically generated time lapse videos. In addition, it is possible to create videos independently, with a high degree of customization (logo, texts, shooting intervals, etc). The images, available in the customer's dashboard, can be downloaded, sent, inserted in a video, analysed by the AI, graphically modified. The platform is optimized to work on any device and it allows access on any computer, tablet or smartphone, for constant monitoring possibilities.

Moreover, the images can be overlaid and compared, for a more evident comparison of progress.  There are many company areas that can benefit from our system: marketing / communication, project management (including engineers, architects, surveyors on site), HSE, clients, etc.

All your needs in one platform.

Its benefits

The innovative solution for worksite monitoring

Data certainty, control and promotion

Certifications:ISO 9001

Timelapse Lab - Video
Timelapse Lab - Thanks to TimelapseLab Software you can view the photos of your activity and download individual photos or an entire month of shots. The access to the platform is protected by password and username in order to comply with the privacy policy .
Timelapse Lab - In your private area you can check your dashboard in order to control all the devices and frames.
Timelapse Lab - dashboardIn your private area you can check your dashboard in order to control all the devices and frames.
Timelapse Lab - Thanks to the Timelapse Lab platform it is possible to create a demo of your video in a few simple steps and in complete autonomy.
Timelapse Lab - In your personal area is possible to watch all timelapse videos automatically created by the software.

Timelapse Lab: its rates

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