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Video management software to upload, organize, and stream videos with ease. Customizable player, analytics, and security features.

With Contus Vplay, you can create your own video portal with a personalized player, and manage your content library with ease. The software provides analytics tools to track viewer engagement and security features to protect your videos.

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The video management software offers advanced analytics and custom branding options, ensuring an engaging user experience.

With Vplayed, businesses can easily upload, manage and monetize video content while tracking performance through detailed analytics. The software also offers custom branding options to maintain brand consistency across all video channels.

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Compatible with AWS, Microsoft Azure & Akamai server systems

Live streaming to web, desktop & mobile

In-built video analytics

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Collaborate seamlessly with team members on a single platform. Share files, assign tasks and manage projects with ease.

Skeem's collaborative platform software offers a centralized workspace for your team to work together effectively. With Skeem, you can assign tasks, share files, communicate with team members, and track project progress all in one place. Say goodbye to scattered information and hello to streamlined collaboration.

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Create captivating presentations with ease using intuitive templates, animations and multimedia features.

VideoCom Presenter offers a wide range of customizable templates and animations to give your presentations a professional look. Add multimedia elements such as videos, audio and images to engage your audience. With an intuitive interface, even beginners can create compelling presentations in no time.

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Easy to use: VideoCom's interface is user-friendly

Live stream your content directly from the app

Record your presentations, demos and tutorials

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