WIZZCAD: BIM-based collaborative platform for digital construction

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WIZZCAD empowers construction players to boost the digital transformation of their projects in view of high-quality projects on time and on budget.

WIZZCAD BIM-ready SaaS solution enables the digital transformation of construction projects by covering the whole lifecycle of buildings, public works and infrastructures via a unique collaborative platform for managing the design, execution, and operations of projects, in 2D and 3D.

WIZZCAD solution covers Electronic Document Management, Field Management, BIM, and all phases including operations & maintenance, refurbishment.

  • A complete solution covering the entire project lifecycle
  • Optimize project ROI
  • Full interoperability and agility
  • Delivery of as-built digital twin

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Strengths of WIZZCAD

  • BIM-native, cloud-based, SaaS
  • All sectors, all phases, all stakeholders, all devices
  • All-in-one solution: BIM, EDM, Field management
  • Certifications: GDPR

WIZZCAD demo and screenshots

WIZZCAD-GED-03-768x543 WIZZCAD-BIM-05-768x543 WIZZCAD-BIM-02-768x543 (1) WIZZCAD-plugin-1-ordi-1-768x439 WIZZCAD-REHAB-04--768x543 WIZZCAD-visuel laptop ML 2 V4 WIZZCAD-SUIVI-OP-04-768x543 WIZZCAD-BIM-01--ogy1et31touhg4xtrqibodpd0igrc9txiafmjwzuhc WIZZCAD-HOME-OP-TEST_-copie

WIZZCAD customers

WIZZCAD-ATELIERS HERMÈS _Pantin_Vinci Facilities WIZZCAD-Carré HUGO _ Villefranche-sur-Saône _ ROIRET Energie WIZZCAD-Cité HLM glacière Paris 13 WIZZCAD-Maintenance du Métro Riyad ligne 1 et 2 _ Arabie Saudite _ Engie Axima WIZZCAD-Hangar 108 _Rouen_SOGEA Nord Ouest WIZZCAD-RÉSIDENCE LES PINS Réhabilitation 347 logements_Taverny_Brézilion

WIZZCAD pricing and features

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Group Management
Meeting Report
Task Management
Document Management
Cross-Device Sync
Document Synchronisation
Document Versions
Electronic Signature Validation
Shared Folders
Annotatation Mark up drawings directly.
Structural Documentation
Project Management
Defect Management
Project Planning
Project Profitability Return On Investment
Project Report
Projects Overview / Follow Up
Real Estate
Tenants Management

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