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The construction software is intended for professionals in construction, real estate and architecture. Use the appvizer software comparator to find the best solution for your business.

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Our selection of 31 construction software

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Efficiently manage projects with intuitive software that streamlines workflows, tracks progress, and enhances team collaboration.

Automate repetitive tasks, monitor project timelines, and customise workflows with ease. Access real-time project data, communicate with team members, and keep stakeholders informed with automated reports.

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Powerful features and robust functionality

Impressive, modern user interface

Excellent support team and quick to respond

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Streamline field operations with this software. Manage tasks, schedules, and assets efficiently.

This software offers a comprehensive Field Service Management solution that empowers businesses to optimize their field operations. With features such as task management, scheduling, and asset tracking, users can streamline their workflows and improve productivity.

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Streamline field operations with our software's mobile forms, custom workflows, and real-time data tracking.

Our software's mobile forms simplify data collection and reduce errors. Custom workflows automate processes and save time. Real-time data tracking provides visibility and insights for better decision-making.

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Create personalizable forms

Works even without an internet connection

Adapts to all business sectors and industries

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Streamline your project management with this software. Assign tasks, track progress, and collaborate with ease.

With this software, you can create custom workflows, set priorities, and share files securely. Its intuitive interface and mobile app make managing projects a breeze. Plus, with real-time updates and Gantt charts, you'll always know where your project stands.

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Streamlined project management and team collaboration

Customizable workflows and project templates

User-friendly interface and ease of adoption

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Streamline staff scheduling and attendance tracking with this cloud-based planning software.

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, this software simplifies the scheduling process, allowing managers to quickly assign shifts and manage leave requests. Its real-time attendance tracking system ensures accurate payroll and eliminates the need for manual timecards.

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Complete solution from scheduling to payroll

Quick and intuitive to use

Online support with response time of less than 3 minutes

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Streamline project management with ease using this software. Track time, expenses, and deadlines, and collaborate seamlessly with team members.

This software's intuitive interface allows for easy project tracking and delegation, while its time and expense tracking features provide valuable insights into project budgeting. With real-time updates and seamless integration with other tools, it's never been easier to manage projects efficiently.

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Paid version from €14.90 /month

Streamline your inventory management with our software. Track stock levels, monitor sales and generate reports with ease.

With our stock management software, you can automate inventory tracking, optimize stock levels and simplify order fulfillment. Stay informed with real-time sales data and generate customizable reports to make informed business decisions.

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Cloud and Mobile solution, real time and multi-languages

Traçabilité complète et vision tour de contrôle

Personnalisation, sur-mesure, interfaçable et ouvert (API)

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Streamline maintenance operations with powerful CMMS software. Automate work orders, track inventory, and manage equipment maintenance schedules.

With Twimm's CMMS software, you can easily create and assign work orders, track inventory levels, and schedule preventive maintenance tasks. The software also provides real-time data on equipment performance, enabling you to make informed decisions to improve operational efficiency.

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Streamline construction projects with software designed to manage tasks, schedules, and budgets. Stay on top of progress and communicate with teams effortlessly.

Access real-time data, including financials and project timelines, to make informed decisions. Monitor progress with ease and adjust plans as necessary. Collaborate with teams and stakeholders with ease.

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Efficient Construction Project Management

Automatic timesheets and payroll preparation

Real-time data Analytics and Reporting

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Pricing on request

Streamline your document management with powerful features and intuitive interface. Easy search and retrieval, secure access and sharing, and automated workflows.

Dokmee's robust document management system offers advanced features such as OCR, version control, and audit trails. Customizable permissions, integrations with popular apps, and cloud-based storage make it a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

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Simplicité de déploiement

Simplicité d'utilisation

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Streamline your billing and invoicing process with intuitive software that automates tasks and saves you time.

Evoliz is a cloud-based software that simplifies your billing and invoicing process with its user-friendly interface. It allows you to create, send and track invoices, automate recurring invoices, manage expenses and payments, and generate custom reports, all in one place. Say goodbye to manual work and hello to efficiency with Evoliz.

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Paid version from €75.00 /month

Streamline property management with this software. Automate tasks, track leads, and manage properties all in one place.

Optima-CRM simplifies property management by providing automated processes for tasks such as lead tracking, property management, and document management. Its user-friendly interface helps streamline operations, saving time and increasing efficiency.

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Complete & Innovative Real Estate platform all-in-one.

Integration with external calendars, conventional email,...

Automated creation of leads from portals and websites

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Paid version from €39.00 /month

This software streamlines real estate development with intuitive project management tools, document sharing, and progress tracking.

With APROPLAN, users can easily collaborate on projects, assign tasks, and monitor progress in real-time. The software's document management system allows for seamless sharing and editing of plans, contracts, and other important files. Its user-friendly interface and mobile app make it easy to access and update information on-the-go.

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Streamline your construction project with punch list software. Automate tasks, track progress, and manage teams efficiently.

With punch list software, you can create and assign tasks, track progress, and communicate with team members in real-time. The software also features automated workflows and analytics to help you make informed decisions and stay on top of your project.

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Create stunning 3D designs for your architectural projects with intuitive tools and a user-friendly interface.

Space Designer 3D offers a vast library of objects and materials, allowing you to customize your designs to your liking. Collaborate with clients and colleagues in real-time, and visualize your projects in high-quality 3D rendering.

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Streamline your business operations with a powerful ERP software. Manage resources, finances, and inventory with ease.

Our ERP software provides a comprehensive suite of features to simplify your business processes. From managing your finances to tracking your inventory, our software enables you to make informed decisions and improve your bottom line. With real-time data and reporting, you can gain greater visibility into your operations and streamline your workflows.

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Easy time tracking

Fast invoicing

Insightful financial analytics

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Create stunning architectural designs with ease. Streamline your workflow and improve collaboration with this powerful software.

Cedreo's intuitive interface allows you to quickly design and visualize your ideas in 3D. With a vast library of pre-built elements, you can easily add furniture, fixtures, and finishes to your designs. Collaborate with clients and team members in real-time, and export your designs in various formats for easy sharing.

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Easy to use

Home floor plans and blueprints

High quality 3D renderings

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Pricing on request

A versatile customer relationship management software for businesses of all sizes. Features include lead management, customisable workflows, and automated email campaigns.

With Apimo, businesses can streamline their sales processes and keep track of customer interactions with ease. The software allows for easy lead tracking and management, customisable workflows to fit specific business needs, and automated email campaigns to keep customers engaged.

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Pricing on request

Manage your real estate operations with ease using our cloud-based software. Streamline processes, track finances and boost productivity.

Our Real Estate Management software simplifies complex tasks, such as lease management and tenant communication. Get real-time insights into your portfolio and automate repetitive tasks. Spend more time growing your business, less time managing it.

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Import, Share and Manage properties in a simple way

Automatically publish in all Real Estate Portals.

Quality professional websites.

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Streamline construction processes with software that manages projects, documents, and communication.

WIZZCAD's construction software allows for real-time collaboration between teams, reducing errors and delays. Track project progress, manage RFIs, and access all documents in one central location.

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BIM-native, cloud-based, SaaS

All sectors, all phases, all stakeholders, all devices

All-in-one solution: BIM, EDM, Field management

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Construction software: purchase guide

What is online construction management software? 


In the 1990s architects were still able to draw up their plans using pencils and pens, today the computer is an integral part of architects' offices. With three-dimensional architecture software, all project planning has become easier and faster. A construction management software allows information to be integrated at an additional level into all the drawings made. They support you in all your daily tasks 

How does it work?

The management of a complex site requires the collaboration of various skills. This can lead to an accumulation of meetings and other actions that may overload the organization's stakeholders. A construction software allows information to be integrated at an additional level into all the drawings made. This saves time on possible changes. If a geometric shape is ever drawn, it can be used to represent what you want by adding an indication of its end-use. Thus, a construction software such as an architecture software allows to specify if you want to add a door or a window. As a result, software can assign the dimensions and materials that professionals usually use. These software allow you to obtain a perfect and very appreciable 3D rendering. It is possible to design straight or rounded wall layouts for example. It allows the risk of accidents to be taken into account and allows responsibilities to be established and the transmission of files and plans to be automated. 

What are the main features of a SaaS BTP management software? 

There are several categories of construction software between global management software, quotation and invoice software, site monitoring software and software dedicated more to architecture. The functionalities for a construction software are numerous and allow to automate many time-consuming administrative tasks. They enable the best decisions to be made to control costs and improve the financial situation in order to better protect a company. Often software offers tools to collaborate on different sites.

Indeed, teams are regularly distributed and mobile in different places, software facilitates communication between employees. Since building management software is similar to traditional commercial management software, it can be said that it makes it possible to produce estimates, purchase invoices, sales invoices, stock management or even to track customer payments. All modules must provide assistance in managing the progress of the site. 

Who uses construction software? 

Construction software is intended for architects, construction technical teams, people working in the electrical or mechanical field

Why use construction software in a company? 


  • Increase productivity with better organization and time saving
  • Optimize the management of human and material resources
  • To be able to make better quotations and customer invoicing with better invoicing follow-up. 


  • It is sometimes complicated to choose precisely the right solution for your company 
  • The costs associated with implementing such a solution

How to choose a homemade construction software? 


  • Ensure that the solution can meet the needs of your organization 
  • Do not hesitate to try the software before buying it
  • Verify that the solution is available in SaaS mode, which facilitates its integration. 
  • Possibility to make quotes, invoices with or without VAT. 
  • Recent software less than two years old for legal compliance 
  • Cost 

Costs are very dependent on the publishers. You must request a quote for a company and needs to know the pricing. 

The best free and open-source building software 

  • Sketchup Make
  • ArchiFacile 

The most famous professional construction software 

  • ArchiCAD
  • Revit
  • AutoCAD Architecture
  • Rhino 3D
  • SAGE 50C Ciel

Discover our guides on construction solutions to set up a good management specific to the construction industry, essential to the performance and success of the company!