ProtrackBTP: in summary

Looking for a complete solution to monitor your construction projects in an efficient and optimized way? Discover our project tracking application which offers a suite of powerful tools to simplify your daily management.

✔ Multi-contract management: Easily manage multiple contracts simultaneously, keeping an overview of all essential information and facilitating coordination between different stakeholders.

✔ Physical Progress Tracking: Keep accurate track of the progress of your projects with our physical tracking system. Set whatever the size of your project the elements to follow, assign each element a coefficient and voila.

✔ Financial Progress Tracking: Monitor the progress of your projects' quote items with precision. Track costs.

✔ Action Tracking: Simplify the coordination of tasks and responsibilities with our action tracking feature. Assign tasks, track their progress, and make sure each step is completed on time.

✔ Risk Management: Identify, assess and manage potential risks related to your projects. Our app lets you create mitigation plans, track actions taken, and reduce uncertainties.

✔ Document Archiving: Centralize and organize all your project-related documents in one secure place. Quickly access essential information, share the necessary documents and ensure optimal traceability. Get ready to transform the way you manage your projects. Join our community of satisfied users and enjoy all the benefits of our project tracking app. Contact us today to find out more!

✔ Production management: Follow the consumption of different resources

✔ Production cost tracking: Break down the resources consumed by quote price number and get your cost prices.

✔ Real-time operating account: Follow the profitability of your project in real time. React in time in the event of a drift.

✔ Define different roles for different users of the application. Each role corresponds to well-defined possibilities

Its benefits

Suitable for monitoring construction sites

Easy handling

Scalable (addition of new functionalities according to needs)

ProtrackBTP: its rates

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