MMC Receipt: in summary

MMC Receipt app is a revolutionary receipt scanning and processing app that helps you scan your receipts and provides instant pushing to accounting software for a powerful receipt management experience. The MMC Receipt app is brought to you by the makers of MMC Convert and MMC Books. These are people that have been in the business of accounting and have perfected the art of managing finances for the last 3 generations.

So it wouldn't be wrong to say that these people know what they are doing and what they mean when they say that MMC Receipt revolutionises receipt capturing.

Combining the power of machine learning and regular human checks, the app provides fast, instant and hassle-free expense management every single time!

A fast and precise receipt scanning app that makes receipt management super convenient and hassle-free.

The MMC Receipt app helps you scan your receipts and provides instant pushing to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, FreshBooks, Xero, ZAR Money Accounting Software for a powerful receipt management experience.

If you have been on the hunt for a handy business receipt tracker for your company, look no further, as MMC Receipt stands tall among other receipt scanning and processing apps owing to its many features and advanced tools, providing a slick way to receipt scanning and capturing experience.

The app gives its users features like Unlimited users, Unlimited cloud storage and Unlimited Receipt Scanning and processing, making it a convenient business receipt tracker and a handy receipt management tool.

While the market has been trying to extort an exorbitant amount from the customers, MMC Receipt app has a fixed, flat pricing of 15 USD a month for unlimited receipt processing. Unlike other receipt scanning apps, which increase their prices as the number of documents increase, our prices remain constant for unlimited receipts, unlimited users and unlimited cloud storage. If that all sounds fantastic, it’s because it really is!

The receipt capturing app also offers other helpful features like multiple formats, multiple currency support, super-fast pushing to many accounting softwares and an always-available support team for quick solutions to every one of your problems so that nothing comes between you and a clean balance sheet!

You can also try your hands on the app, free for a month, with all the features and without entering your credit card details.

 How does MMC Receipt app work?

 You can capture and upload your receipts using:

* The camera on your mobile phone

* Email

* Scans on your computer

After you've uploaded a receipt, MMC Receipt will automatically read all of the key information and display it in an easily manageable format, perfect for processing with linked accounting software or if you do not use any accounting software, ability to export into an excel format.

A few amazing things about the MMC Receipt :

1) Processing Time < 5-minute

2) Capture receipts, see the data get updated in real-time.

3) Data Precision

4) Multi-Currency 

5) Instant Pushing to Accounting Software

6) Line Item Description

7) Flexible Data Capture

8) Export into Excel/CSV File format

We also have a Reseller program to work closely with book-keepers and accountants. Resellers can earn up to 150 USD per subscription.

Its benefits

Line Item Description, Flat Pricing - Unlimited Plan

Export Processed Receipt into Excel/CSV File format

OCR + ML + Human Eye

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MMC Receipt: its rates

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