Swoop Funding: in summary

Swoop was created to make it easier for companies of all sizes to acquire the appropriate kind of finance. To link entrepreneurs with over 1,000 distinct financing sources, they employ a sophisticated algorithm. Swoop has aided more than 80,000 firms in locating more than 139M in finance since its May 2018 start.

They may be found on the business banking pages of the top nine UK banks and are a preferred partner to all major banks in the UK and Ireland.

The promise of the software

Swoop offers qualified guidance on how to draft a convincing pitch deck and executive summary. Swoop has all the resources required to assist startup creators in realising their ambition of owning and running their own company. Swoop demystifies the financing environment by working with over 1,000 funding sources and offers simple access to the wide variety of small company finance alternatives available in the UK and Ireland.

These are some of the main benefits and features of the software

  • Easy Access
  • Access to a Credit Advisor
  • Time Management Numerous Business
  • Financing Options
  • Various Lenders to Compare
  • Swoop-Platform-Comparewise
  • Low Credit Score Alternative
  • Loan Period

You may apply for both secured and unsecured loans through Swoop. On Swoop, the vast majority of loan choices have fixed rates. Variable-rate loan choices are also available, but there are many of them. One of the things you may compare different lenders is the terms and conditions of the loans. Swoop Funding takes pride in providing prompt replies to complaints and questions from clients.


For all pricing information, use the many simulators available on their site.

Swoop Funding: its rates and features

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Swoop Funding
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