Sage 100cloud Paie & RH: Payroll and Human Resources Management Solution

What is Sage HRMS? 

Sage Human Resource Management System is a software created to help small and medium-sized companies improve their efficiency by maximizing their human resources sector. The employees are the most important part of a company. They are the ones that make up the vision and carry out the mission and values of your enterprise. Due to this, it is crucial to have a team that perfectly fits your company. Sage HRMS's job is to do just that: focus on finding the perfect candidates and solving the different HR challenges. SAGE HRMS will help you manage your team members better and make better decisions that will in return help your company thrive. 

What are SAGE HRMS's features? 

  • Payroll management and processing 
  • Recruiting and onboarding 
  • Talent management 
  • East access to employees' information 

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Custom Benefits & Deductions
Pay summary
Payroll Journal
Payslip templates
Rest Balance
Sick Leave and Accidents
Social Declarations Management

Data hosted in the following countries: France

Eurécia Congés & Absences

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