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Human Resources (HR) online software allows you to structure, simplify and automate your HR processes (HRIS): payroll, time, absences, leave, training. The software of our comparator provides the necessary support for the proper management of your personnel (recruitment) and therefore to smooth out the processes of your company.

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HR Software for SME's

What is a Human Resources software? 

It is a software designed to manage ALL issues related to resource planning. 

Human resources programs have two main functions:

  • Employee management: salary management, payroll, labor law, time organization, personnel planning... 
  • Resource management: training, hiring, recruitment, skills, productivity indicators... 

Characteristics of a Human Resources software

  • Manpower management: skills, availability, performance, productivity, evolution... 
  • Recruitment and training of employees: applicant monitoring, talent development and performance management.
  • Payroll management: salaries and social benefits.
  • Control of schedules: absences, vacations, absences, workflows, time and attendance. 
  • Automation of monotonous and repetitive tasks in order to gain profitability and productivity.

Functionalities of the Human Resources software

  • Management of absences,
  • Workflow management and administrative tasks,
  • Filling time sheets,
  • Integration with other management solutions (accounting, payroll, ERP, etc.), 
  • Evaluation of performance indicators and analytical and employee performance reports, 
  • Employee records.

What companies use Human Resources Software? 

It is often thought that large corporations are the ones that use this type of software, however SMEs also benefit from these solutions. Human resources programs in companies are not limited to simple personnel management.

So much so that there are HR management systems designed for specific sectors, a fact that diversifies and democratizes the use of these software. 

Types of Human Resources Software

Human Resources Software according to functions

  • Payroll programs,
  • Talent management,
  • Control of working hours and time,
  • Control of absences,
  • Workload management.

However, depending on the needs of your company's human resources department, you can also find HR programs for: 

  • Learning Management System (LMS),
  • Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS),
  • Recruitment and selection software,
  • Competence management,
  • Vacations and absences,
  • Compensation management,
  • Safety, health and environment (SSM).

Human Resources Software according to the wing

We can classify types of human resource software in several ways, either by the specificity of their functions or by the site where they have been hosted (on a server - on premise - or online - SaaS -).

Today, companies choose to use online or cloud-based human resources system, this option offers multiple advantages:

  • You can work from anywhere and / or device. That's right, you just need to have an internet connection to access the program.
  • They are much cheaper than the classic software (those that you install on the computer or in the server of your company), since you only pay for what you use. In addition, they are modular solutions, you can remove or add functions according to the evolution of your needs.  
  • Updates are done automatically, allowing you to be up to date with labor law reforms.

Advantages and disadvantages of Human Resources Software

Advantages of having an HR program

  • Simplify staff organization,
  • Allow an objective monitoring of the performance of your talent,
  • Centralize and organize all the information related to your employees,
  • Simplify the requirements of the Law,
  • Increase workforce productivity,
  • Have employee records,
  • Optimise recruitment and training processes.

Understanding the functioning and evolution of your human resources allows you to make decisions based on facts and results.

Disadvantages of using a program for the management of Human Resources

  • Time of configuration and formation. Like any new tool, it is necessary to spend time in the beginning to familiarize and configure according to our needs.
  • Risk of data loss. If it is an online HR system, there is the possibility of losing data due to an electronic failure or a computer attack. However, most human resource management software offers the possibility of recovering backups. 
  • Although you can find a large number of free solutions, it is generally better to foresee a budget for program purchase and maintenance costs. The choice of your IT solution depends on the needs of your company.

How to choose a Human Resources Software? 

There are free HR programs that usually comply with the basic functions, some are free for only a limited time. Most of them offer the option of adding payment modules or switching to a payment option if you want to access more advanced features. These management tools may be suitable for small companies without many movements in their human resources, but if this is not your case or if you are looking for advanced functions, then consider how much you are willing to pay. 

Criteria to take into account when choosing a Human Resources Software

  • Sector and size of your company.
  • Functions, characteristics and needs specific to your company. 
  • Opinions and evaluations of other users.
  • Assistance and technical support from the supplier.
  • Scalable, customizable and flexible - Technology is constantly evolving, make sure your software publisher does too. 
  • Make the dashboard visually pleasing and easy to use! 

The best Human Resources Software

Meta4 PeopleNet 
It is a reference in terms of solutions for human resources management. It is a modular software and adapts to SMEs and large companies. Meta4 PeopleNet offers advanced functionalities such as:

  • Career Plans.
  • Occupational Risk Prevention.
  • Remuneration management.
  • Employee and Manager Portal.

Cezanne HR
It is a flexible, configurable and constantly evolving solution for human resources management. It has an intuitive design that makes it easy to use and pleasant for the eyes. Cezanne is present in many countries and meets the needs of international companies, as it integrates global capabilities, is multilingual and configured to work with different currencies.

It is an HR program for the management of payroll and human resources. This program allows employers and collaborators to work collaboratively. Employers can manage their payrolls simply and efficiently, and at the same time employees can make applications and check status and salary information.

It is an application designed for SMEs and developed to be used from the mobile. If your employees are constantly on the move, this may be the perfect solution for your company. 

There is software for HR management open source, free and paid. Our mission is to help you compare so that you can choose the one that best suits your company's needs and, of course, your budget. 

Human Resources (HR) solutions

Night shift, travel, overtime... Timesheet Software allows Human Resources Departments to monitor the daily attendance and absence of your employees for any organizational mode or work cycle.

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A Time Clock Software allows you to automate all tasks related to Human Resources (HR). Find and compare Time Clock Software for your business.

Recruiters need a Recruiting Software to publish job positions, source talents, manage the hiring pipeline and help the hiring team to make the right decision.

A Onboarding Software allows you to manage all tasks related to Human Resources (HR). Find and compare Onboarding Software for your business.

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