Best Human Resources Software (HR)

Human Resources (HR) online software allows you to structure, simplify and automate your HR processes (HRIS): payroll, time, absences, leave, training. The software of our comparator provides the necessary support for the proper management of your personnel (recruitment) and therefore to smooth out the processes of your company.

List of HR Software

Integration & Interoperability
People Management

Online candidacy management plateform


Simple and Modern ATS 🚀

Clarity Wave

Employee Engagement Software


Accounting SaaS made for non-accounting people


Leader in Talent Management and Learning Software

eResource Scheduler

Resource Management, Planning & Scheduling Tool

Quarks Safety

Chemical risk management made easy


Make learning awesome and effective

Rakuten Aquafadas Intégration

Onboarding mobile apps for your employees!

TDC Sécurité

Pilot your Occupational Health and Safety activit

Talent Management

Human Capital: your company's first asset

Custom recruiting chatbots

eXo Platform

Entreprise Social Network (ESN) open source


#1 Targeted recruiting software via social networks ads


Attendance Tracking Software


Quality, Health, Safety and Environment software solution


The Immersive Learning Solution

Humanagement Inc.

Unique and secure management console designed for continuous

Nereo Congés

Make leave management easy!


App for consulting companies

CrossKnowledge Learning Suite

Next Generation Learning Experience Platform

EOLIA Recruitment & Sourcing

Optimize your recruitement process with Eolia !


Learning Management System


Train and onboard employees on Cloud App


Quality Management Software QMS - HSE Software ISO 9001


Powering employee engagement through gamification

Guide and Human Resources (HR) Advice 

The Human Resources function can be divided into two parts:

  • Operational functions and personnel administration:
    • payroll management, labor law, time and activity management
  • Features with a more functional dimension:
    • training, recruitment, forecast management of jobs and skills (GPEC)

All these areas are involved at different stages in the "life" of employees. Online applications provide the necessary support for the proper management of staff.

To learn more about managing your staff, check out our guides on human resources.

Human Resources (HR) solutions

Staff working over night, night shift, overtime... Time Management & Tracking Software allow Human Resources Departments to monitor the attendance and time-off of your employees on a daily basis for any organization or any working style.

A Time Clock Software allows you to automate all tasks related to Human Resources (HR). Find and compare Time Clock Software for your business.

Recruiters need a Recruiting Software to publish job positions, source talents, manage the hiring pipeline and help the hiring team to make the right decision.

Employees are willing to learn but not in class anymore ! They need tutorials, videos, serious games and short training so they can improve their skills set. Browse all Training Software to see all modern options available

A Job Board Software allows you to automate all tasks related to Human Resources (HR). Find and compare Job Board Software for your business.

A Onboarding Software allows you to manage all tasks related to Human Resources (HR). Find and compare Onboarding Software for your business.

Complementary solutions of HR

Accounting & Finance

Sales & Customer Management



Operations Management


IT Services