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Our selection of 2 employee recognition software

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Boost employee morale with a powerful recognition software. Streamline your appreciation efforts with a centralized platform that promotes engagement and motivation.

With Workstars, you can easily create and manage custom recognition programs, track employee achievements, and reward top performers. The software offers a range of features, including peer-to-peer recognition, gamification, and social sharing, to make recognition fun and easy.

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Engaging 360-degree recognition

Effortless & flexible rewards

Employee, manager, leader and central analytics

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Boost employee engagement with an innovative software that measures job satisfaction, facilitates feedback, and fosters collaboration.

Zest by Zestmeup is an all-in-one employee engagement software that allows you to measure and analyse job satisfaction, provide continuous feedback, and encourage collaboration among teams.

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Versatility: suited for companies of all sizes/ industries

Founded by experts with 40+ years of industry knowledge

Flexible & configurable according to your needs

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Employee Recognition softwares: Q&A

Employee recognition software works by allowing managers to acknowledge and reward employees for their achievements, milestones, and contributions. It typically includes features such as peer-to-peer recognition, gamification, and reporting tools. Employees can receive recognition through various channels, such as email, social media, or a company intranet.

When looking for employee recognition software, look for features such as customisable rewards, real-time tracking, and integration with your existing HR software. You should also consider the ability to personalise recognition messages, provide feedback and analytics, and offer a variety of recognition options, such as points, badges, and prizes.

Employee recognition can boost employee engagement, improve productivity, and reduce turnover rates. It can also increase job satisfaction, enhance teamwork, and foster a positive company culture. By recognising employees for their efforts, you can create a more motivated and dedicated workforce.

Some of the best employee recognition software options include Achievers, Bonusly, and Fond. Achievers offers a comprehensive platform for employee recognition, including social recognition, rewards and incentives, and analytics. Bonusly provides a peer-to-peer recognition platform with a range of rewards and integrations. Fond offers an all-in-one platform for employee rewards, recognition, and engagement.

There are several free employee recognition software alternatives you could try, such as Kudos, Recognize, and TapMyBack. Kudos offers a simple peer-to-peer recognition platform with customisable rewards and analytics. Recognize features a social recognition platform with badges, rewards, and employee feedback. TapMyBack offers a mobile app for employee recognition and feedback, with a range of features including pulse surveys and performance tracking.