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Our selection of 3 job board software

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Paid version from €20.71 /month

Streamline your recruitment process with powerful software that automates job postings, resume screening, and candidate tracking.

With our recruiting software, you can easily create custom job postings, track candidate progress, and collaborate with team members. Our automated resume screening helps you quickly identify the most qualified candidates, and our advanced reporting features provide valuable insights into your recruitment process.

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Paid version from €130.00 /month

Streamline your hiring process with our ATS software. Manage job postings, resumes, and interviews in one place.

Our Applicant Tracking System simplifies recruiting by automating tasks such as resume screening and interview scheduling. With customisable workflows and communication templates, Nicoka ATS helps you stay organised and efficient throughout the hiring process.

Read our analysis about Nicoka CABS Benefits of Nicoka CABS

Full-text search engine, geolocation of candidates

Ergonomic and ease of use

Adaptability with a high degree of customization

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Pricing on request

Streamline recruitment processes with powerful software. Manage job postings, applications, and interviews with ease.

Tool4staffing simplifies hiring by automating repetitive tasks. It offers customisable workflows, candidate tracking, and analytics to improve efficiency. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to collaborate with team members and manage recruitment tasks from anywhere.

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Automated hunt for candidates in tension

AI matching to leverage your candidate base

Immersive candidate portal to secure your recruitments

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Job Board softwares: Q&A

Job board software allows companies to post job openings and manage applications through a web-based platform. Job seekers can search for positions, apply for jobs, and create profiles. The software integrates with other HR tools, such as applicant tracking systems, and provides analytics to track job posting performance.

Look for software that offers customisable job posting templates, resume parsing, candidate management tools, and applicant tracking. Other useful features include job alerts, social media integration, and reporting and analytics capabilities.

Job board software can streamline the recruitment process, making it easier to manage applications, screen candidates, and hire the best talent. It also provides a centralised platform for job postings, which can help to attract a wider pool of candidates and improve the employer brand.

Some of the best job board software options in the UK market include JobAdder, Recruitee, and SmartRecruiters. Each offers a range of features, integrations, and pricing plans to suit different business needs.

Some free job board software alternatives include OpenCATS, JobberBase, and SmartJobBoard. While free options may be more limited in terms of features and support, they can still offer a useful platform for smaller businesses or those on a tight budget.