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In human resources software, there are programs to track employees' working time such as time clock software. These tools have become increasingly sophisticated to meet business requirements.

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Our selection of 7 time clock software

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Streamline employee time tracking and simplify payroll with this top-rated Time Clock software.

Eliminate the hassle of manual time tracking and reduce errors with Buddy Punch's intuitive interface. Features include flexible scheduling, PTO tracking, overtime calculations, and custom reporting. Plus, easily integrate with payroll systems for seamless processing.

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Track employee time and activities efficiently with this cloud-based software.

This time tracking software allows you to easily manage employee schedules, track time spent on projects, and generate reports. Its user-friendly interface and mobile app make it accessible from anywhere, while features like automatic reminders and approval workflows streamline processes for both employees and managers.

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Savetime and activity management

Reliability monitoring of working time

Manage company performance

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Streamline your team's productivity with easy time tracking and reporting.

Bizneo Time Manager simplifies time management with automated tracking, customisable reports, and easy integration with other tools. Keep track of employee hours, projects, and expenses effortlessly with this user-friendly software.

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Integration consulting service included

API integration

Integration with other HR Suite software

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Streamline your team's time tracking with this cloud-based software. Easily manage schedules, timesheets and payroll.

Hubstaff's intuitive user interface and automated tracking features make it simple to monitor employee productivity, track project progress, and generate detailed reports for billing and invoicing. Plus, integration with popular project management tools makes it easy to keep everything in one place.

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Streamline staff management with a powerful time clock software. Track employee hours, monitor attendance and generate accurate payroll reports.

Reduce time spent on payroll with a reliable time clock software. Easily manage employee schedules, track breaks and calculate overtime. Generate custom reports and export data for easy integration with other systems.

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Manage your employees' attendance and track their hours effortlessly with this time clock software.

With features like biometric verification, PTO management, and custom reporting, this software streamlines your workforce management while ensuring compliance.

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Streamline employee time tracking, payroll and benefits with this cloud-based software.

This time clock software simplifies HR tasks with automated features, customisable policies and real-time data. Enjoy seamless integrations with accounting and scheduling tools.

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Time Clock software: purchase guide

What is online time clock software?


Time clock software has been specially designed to simplify production management. To do this, they automate the monitoring of employees' schedules. They allow the manager to better supervise the production of staff, thanks to a meticulous management of working time. 

How does it work?

Working time management tools generally work in conjunction with different devices: rfid badges, biometric identification or electronic time clock. At each visit, the back-office will be updated according to arrival times, break times and departure times of the staff. The monitoring of working time is done in real time.
These devices replace the traditional score sheet. They also avoid falsifications. They are easy to use and save considerable time in counting actual working time.

What are the main features of a SaaS time clock software?

The functionalities of this type of program are based on the essential elements of the internal organization of work. 

Creating employee accounts

With a simple click, this tool allows you to design an employee record. This process must be carried out at the level of the competent agents who define the working hours of each employee. Normal entry and exit times must be specified in advance and may be modified according to established agreements. 

Real-time time clock     

This type of solution must include a real-time monitoring function. With this option, the manager is in a position to see directly the arrival and departure times of each employee. All he needs to do is access his back office and activate the program. Systematically, the times will be recorded. 

Sharing of time clock cards

To make employees aware of their delays and attendance, this type of program supports the sharing of statistics. Managers will have at their disposal the necessary tools to plan the communication of this data, which generally includes missing hours, overtime, etc. 

Who uses time clock software?

This software is primarily intended for companies for which the working time of employees must be closely monitored. This does not mean that you always need a large infrastructure to use it. SMEs may need this type of installation, as do ITEs equipped with turnstiles and badge readers. There are currently many tools available to cover all the needs of companies. 

Why use time clock software in a company? 

If companies use this type of program, it is because it has many advantages. Here is an overview of the positive points and limitations of this type of software: 


  • Automation of work time monitoring
  • Creating multiple administrator accounts 
  • Clear and detailed reports and statistics of inputs and outputs
  • Easy data import and export
  • Quick scheduling of working hours
  • Access control


  • Limited features for free versions 

How to choose an online time clock software? 

The equipment: Before choosing a time clock software, it is necessary to make an assessment of the physical equipment already in place. Are there turnstiles or badge readers? Are employees equipped with rfid badges or are their fingerprints sufficient? Does the company want to manage access to certain areas at the same time?     

Sector of activity: the sector of activity of a company plays an important role in the choice of this program. It is necessary to check that the software takes into account the specificities of your activities (flexible hours, night work, part-time...). 

Customer support: remote assistance can be integrated into the offer. It all depends on the package. Verification is required to see if the subscription supports online, phone or chat support. In general, this service is available 5 days a week, during well-defined hours. 

Interconnection with other software: Some time clock tools are compatible with payroll software, which allows for better pay management. No need to count working time anymore, the software takes care of it and the data is directly transmitted to the payroll software.

The best free and open source time clock software

  • HourGuard
  • Noethys
  • Agenda

The most popular time clock software 

For VSEs

  • Planday
  • Initial Penelope
  • Huchez clocks
  • Cloki
  • ATM
  • Why Time
  • oHRis
  • EKeeper

For SMEs

  • ePresence 2
  • KooL
  • B-Time
  • Storhy

Working time management is beneficial for both a large company and an emerging team. To benefit from careful monitoring, it is always essential to use reliable scoring programs. 

Time Clock softwares: Q&A

Time clock software tracks employee attendance and time worked. It can be used with physical time clocks or as a mobile app. Employees clock in and out, and the software records the data. It can also generate reports and calculate overtime.

Look for software that can track time accurately, has a user-friendly interface, generates reports, integrates with payroll software and offers mobile access. Additional features such as GPS tracking, facial recognition, and shift scheduling may also be beneficial.

Time clock software can help reduce errors and save time on payroll processing, increase productivity and accountability, and ensure compliance with labor laws. It also offers valuable insights into employee productivity and attendance.

Some of the best time clock software options in the UK market include TSheets by QuickBooks, ADP Time and Attendance, and Deputy. Each offers unique features and integrations, so it's important to choose based on your specific business needs.

There are many free time clock software options available, including Clockify, TimeClockFree, and Homebase. However, these may have limited features and support, so it's important to carefully evaluate their suitability for your business needs.