Recruiting Software

The online recruiting software is an HR software that manages the creation and distribution of job offers as well as the candidates who apply to them. Recruiting solutions are the starting point for successful Human Resources management.

Professional group :
Human Resources (HR)
Operations Management
Sales & Customer Management
Accounting & Finance
IT Services
Recreational Activities
Association Management
Category :
Applicant Tracking (ATS)
HR Management System (HRMS)
Time tracking
Learning Management System (LMS)
Employee Engagement
Holiday Management
Talent Management
Workforce Management
HR Data Management
Remote Working Management
Pre-employment Testing
Attendance Tracking
Time Clock
Digital Adoption Platforms
Performance Appraisal
Global HR management
Employee Scheduling
Employee Wellness
Employee Recognition

Our selection of 27 recruiting software

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Streamline recruitment processes with powerful software. Efficiently manage candidates, automate tasks and track progress.

With this software, recruiters can access a range of features to simplify their workflow. The platform offers an intuitive interface for managing candidates, automating tasks and tracking progress. By streamlining recruitment processes, recruiters can save time and focus on finding the best candidates for their organisation.

Read our analysis about Beetween Benefits of Beetween

Multipost your job offers over 180 jobboards

Track all your job offers in one place

CV parsing, candidate matching and sourcing

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Streamlines hiring process, automates tasks, and centralizes candidate data.

Seiza's recruiting software simplifies HR tasks, accelerates hiring, and empowers HR teams to make data-driven decisions. With its powerful features, such as automated resume screening and interview scheduling, Seiza provides a seamless experience for recruiters and candidates alike.

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Streamline your recruitment process with this feature-rich software. Efficiently manage candidates, schedule interviews, and automate communication.

Say goodbye to manual tracking and communication. DigitalRecruiters offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies recruitment. Enjoy real-time updates, customisable workflows, and insightful analytics.

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Streamline your recruitment process with this powerful ATS software. Easily manage job postings, applications, and candidate communications.

With this ATS software, you can customise your job postings and automate the application process. You can also track candidate progress, schedule interviews, and collaborate with your team to make informed hiring decisions. Say goodbye to manual recruitment processes and hello to a more efficient workflow.

Read our analysis about Teamtailor Benefits of Teamtailor

Automate repetitive manual tasks

Customise your recruitment funnel

Showcase your brand

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Streamline your recruitment process with powerful software that automates job postings, resume screening, and candidate tracking.

With our recruiting software, you can easily create custom job postings, track candidate progress, and collaborate with team members. Our automated resume screening helps you quickly identify the most qualified candidates, and our advanced reporting features provide valuable insights into your recruitment process.

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Streamline workforce management with this software. Organize tasks, track progress and communicate seamlessly.

Improve productivity and efficiency with the software's customisable workflows, integrations and data visualisation tools. Keep track of employee performance and feedback with ease.

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Streamline your hiring process with this powerful recruiting software. Easily manage candidates, schedule interviews, and collaborate with your team.

With this software, you can create custom hiring pipelines, automate repetitive tasks, and track your progress with insightful analytics. Plus, it integrates with your favourite tools, including job boards and HR systems.

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Streamline your global HR management with powerful software that simplifies workflows and improves collaboration across borders.

Manage your international workforce with ease using WorkMotion. From onboarding to offboarding, our platform automates HR processes, ensuring compliance and reducing administrative burdens. Stay connected with your team and access real-time reports to make informed decisions.

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Streamlines HR tasks, offers employee self-service, analytics, and compliance management.

Atlas HXM stands out as a comprehensive HR Management System (HRMS) designed to simplify and streamline human resources tasks. It includes modules for efficient employee self-service, in-depth analytics for proactive decision-making, and robust compliance management features to ensure businesses meet regulatory standards effectively.

Read our analysis about Atlas HXM Benefits of Atlas HXM

Significant cost savings compared to setting up/maintaining an entity

International compliance and total adherence to local regulations

International benefits administration

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Paid version from €130.00 /month

Streamline your hiring process with our ATS software. Manage job postings, resumes, and interviews in one place.

Our Applicant Tracking System simplifies recruiting by automating tasks such as resume screening and interview scheduling. With customisable workflows and communication templates, Nicoka ATS helps you stay organised and efficient throughout the hiring process.

Read our analysis about Nicoka CABS Benefits of Nicoka CABS

Full-text search engine, geolocation of candidates

Ergonomic and ease of use

Adaptability with a high degree of customization

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Streamline recruitment processes with powerful software. Manage job postings, applications, and interviews with ease.

Tool4staffing simplifies hiring by automating repetitive tasks. It offers customisable workflows, candidate tracking, and analytics to improve efficiency. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to collaborate with team members and manage recruitment tasks from anywhere.

Read our analysis about Tool4staffing Benefits of Tool4staffing

Automated hunt for candidates in tension

AI matching to leverage your candidate base

Immersive candidate portal to secure your recruitments

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Streamline your HR processes with our cloud-based HRMS software. Automate employee data management, leave requests, and performance reviews.

Our HRMS software simplifies HR management by providing a centralised platform for all HR processes. With Remote, you can easily manage employee data, track attendance, and manage leave requests. The software also includes performance review tools, allowing you to streamline your review process and track employee progress over time.

Read our analysis about Remote Benefits of Remote

A solution for global businesses

Dedicated teams for worlwide compliance

Automated management of your HR processes

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Paid version from €199.00 /month

Streamline your recruitment process with user-friendly software that simplifies candidate management and automates repetitive tasks.

The software's intuitive interface allows for easy job posting, resume screening, and scheduling of interviews. Customizable workflows and automated communication tools provide a seamless experience for both recruiters and candidates.

Read our analysis about Recruitee by Tellent
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Streamline your recruitment process with advanced software that simplifies job postings, candidate tracking, and scheduling interviews.

ATS Softgarden is the perfect solution for businesses that need to manage recruitment processes efficiently. Its advanced features allow you to automate job postings, track candidates, and schedule interviews, saving you time and effort. With this software, you can easily manage candidate data, communicate with applicants, and bring the right people on board quickly.

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Paid version from €95.00 /month

Streamline your recruitment process with software that automates job postings, candidate screening and interview scheduling.

Beehire's Recruiting software helps you save time and resources by quickly identifying the most qualified candidates. It offers customizable job templates and intuitive dashboards that provide insights into your recruitment pipeline.

Read our analysis about Beehire Benefits of Beehire

Collect applications in a few clicks

Pre-qualify your applications automatically

Centralize and simplify the management of your applications

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Streamline your hiring process with powerful recruiting software. Automate job postings, applicant tracking and candidate screening.

Bizneo ATS offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies recruitment. Its advanced features include custom workflows, interview scheduling, and integrated reporting. Save time and resources with this comprehensive tool.

Read our analysis about Bizneo ATS Benefits of Bizneo ATS

Agile multiposting in more than 70 job portals

Integration API with more than 30 world-class softwares

Extension of video interviews available

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Streamline your recruitment process with cutting-edge software that simplifies candidate tracking, scheduling, and communication.

Seeqle's easy-to-use interface and powerful automation tools help you find the best candidates quickly and efficiently. Collaborate with your team seamlessly and make data-driven decisions with advanced analytics.

Read our analysis about Seeqle
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Streamline your hiring process with our recruiting software. Automate job postings, candidate screening and interviews. Save time and money.

Our software provides a unified platform for managing job openings, resumes, and hiring workflows. Use AI-powered screening to identify top candidates and schedule interviews with ease. Stay on top of your recruitment process with real-time analytics and reporting.

Read our analysis about Keywork Recruitment Benefits of Keywork Recruitment

Linkedin Profile Extraction

Automatic Search Algorithmes

100% GDPR Compliant

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Paid version from US$65.00 /month

Streamline your recruitment process with powerful software that simplifies candidate tracking and hiring.

VIVAHR's recruiting software offers customisable workflows, automated job postings, and integrated communication tools to help you find the best candidates quickly and efficiently.

Read our analysis about VIVAHR Benefits of VIVAHR

Promote your employer brand and corporate culture

Extend your reach and connect with top talents

Leverage your rich candidate database for insights

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Paid version from €29.00 /month

Streamline your recruitment process with this software designed for HR professionals. Easily manage candidates, schedule interviews and track progress.

This recruiting software offers a user-friendly interface and customizable workflows to fit your organization's needs. With advanced analytics, you can measure your recruitment success and optimize your hiring strategy.

Read our analysis about Flatchr Benefits of Flatchr

A simple and ergonomic solution

A team of specialists will support you and your project

A broadcast in a few clicks

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Recruiting software: purchase guide

What is Recruiting Software?


The recruiting software supports companies during the recruitment process: from sourcing to the onboarding of new employees.

  • It allows a job offer to be submitted to a very wide audience to increase the chances of identifying and attracting the talent that will lead to the company's success.
  • It simplifies the search for the best candidate and their integration into the new company.

This category includes application management software, resumes, and other recruitment platforms.

Among the most well-known solutions: Eurécia, Jobaffinity (Intuition Software), Beetween, Gestmax (Kioskemploi), Nicoka ATS, Recrutor, Softy.

How Does it Work?

Offered in SaaS, these recruitment tools structure and support the recruiter throughout the recruitment process. The user accesses these features online:

  • Consults the resume library or accesses an updated resume database provided by the publisher of the human resources management solution
  • Creates ads and publishes them on ad sites and Job Boards
  • Communicates with the various stakeholders (internal and external)
  • Processes applications, assesses candidates and communicates with them from a simple and intuitive web interface

The tool can be integrated with your HRIS to facilitate the onboarding of new employees. It can also be a module of your HR information system.

What Are the Main Features of an Online Recruiting Software?

From sourcing to integrating the candidate into the company, this management software allows HR managers to manage the entire process on the tool's online interface.

Sourcing of candidates and analysis of resumes

Chronologically, the recruitment software first allows an HR manager to build their job offers and distribute them:

  • He completes the various fields of the job offer creation form;
  • He chooses the sites on which he wants to publish it: ad websites, Job Boards, social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), internal job page.

The software automatically collects applications for multiple ads and coordinates resumes. 

Each candidate is the subject of a personal profile composed of a resume (written or video), a cover letter, skills, experience, etc.

  • It is saved in the company's database (by identifying duplicates)
  • Assesses the compatibility between the offer and the candidate taking into account the company's needs and the candidate's skills (resume, cover letter, fields completed at the time of application).

The recruitment solution performs a preliminary screening. Recruiters can then choose the best profiles from a list.

The Resume Database and Application Management

The resumes and applications collected provide a database on which a recruiter can zoom in on the profiles that match the new open positions. A search engine allows you to select the required knowledge, skills and experience from keywords and obtain contact profiles.

Some software packages have a regularly updated database of candidates.

A selected profile can be contacted directly from the tool (by e-mail or SMS) to arrange a first call or interview.

Recruitment management

Different functionalities allow you to standardize recruitment within your company: 

  • A recruitment workflow formalizes the process from the initial search stage to the formalization of the employment contract and its registration in the candidate's file.
  • Questionnaires can be used to qualify applications and simplify the sorting of resumes.

Forms can be completed at the time of the interview to assess the candidate and collect the comments of the committee.

Some recruitment tools include assessment tests: technical, psychological, and personality.

Others offer organizational and planning features (notifications, agenda, etc.).

The HR Dashboard

Online, the HR manager has access to all the information for each recruiting campaign:

  • History of the discussions: evaluation results and comments left for each candidate
  • Customized statistics: ROI of campaigns, popular acquisition channels, etc.

They can generate reports and interview summaries in the format of their choice: PDF, Word, etc.

When a candidate is hired, they can share their data with HRIS or CRM to ensure a flawless follow-up of the information on the future employee. 

Who Uses Recruiting Software?

For very small businesses, SMEs, HR departments of large groups, recruitment agencies, HR firms, etc., the online recruitment software centralizes all actions to find a candidate corresponding to the needs and skills required for a position.

The tool also has a role to play in Head Hunting to find talent that listens to the job market and opportunities to progress in their careers.

Why Use Company Recruiting Software?

This recruitment solution simplifies the e-recruitment process: everything is managed from the tool interface. However, it has some disadvantages:


  • The recruiter can create a job offer on a model that is 100% compatible with recruitment site standards and distribute them in one click
  • The software automatically suggests the relevant Job Boards for posting an ad
  • The possibility of setting up a recruitment database or even accessing databases of collaborative candidates particularly used in a sourcing process for senior executives
  • Collaboration between executives, managers, headhunters and recruitment consultants who can evaluate and take notes on a candidate and benefit from a global synthesis
  • Automatic synchronization of emails sent from the platform with professional messages to never lose the flow of exchanges


  • It is not a human resources management software (HRIS). Its skills are limited to recruitment. It therefore does not cover the GPEC (competence management), internal mobility of employees, performance management, annual interviews or personnel administration
  • A formalized recruitment process may not be appropriate for the specific needs of all departments
  • Using recruitment management software can be time-consuming for a very small business or small SME that recruits on time

Find all of our recruitment guides and save time on managing your recruitment to spend more time with your future employees!

Recruiting softwares: Q&A

A recruiting software automates the recruitment process by sourcing, screening, and selecting candidates. It uses algorithms to match job requirements with candidate skills and experience. It also manages candidate communication, interview scheduling, and onboarding processes.

When looking for recruiting software, look for features such as applicant tracking, candidate sourcing, resume parsing, interview scheduling, and analytics. Also, consider the software's user interface, integration with other HR tools, and customer support.

Recruiting software can help your company save time and money by automating the recruitment process, reducing the need for manual data entry, and improving candidate engagement. It can also help you make better hiring decisions by providing data-driven insights and analytics.

Some of the best recruiting software options include Workday, iCIMS, Greenhouse, Lever, and SmartRecruiters. Each software has unique features and strengths, so it's important to evaluate your company's needs before choosing one.

Some free recruiting software alternatives include Zoho Recruit, Recruity, OpenCATS, and SmartStart. These software offer basic recruiting features such as candidate sourcing, resume parsing, and applicant tracking. However, it's important to note that free software may have limited functionality and support.