Applicant tracking software (ATS)

Human resources management requires a practical and efficient tool to optimise the screening process. Finding interesting profiles that can put their talent at the service of the company can be tricky. Online recruitment software helps managers find the right candidates by automating some essential tasks.

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Nicoka ATS

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What is online ATS software? 


An ATS software, or Applicant Tracking System, is a solution designed to facilitate the recruitment of new talents for the company. These technological tools include modules designed to display ads on the web to advertise open positions. Then, you can quickly parse and analyse the resumes received. 

How does it work?

Each module corresponds to specific functionalities. This type of software includes different sets of tools to help the user in the management of applications. To do this, the software collects information about candidates in a database so that the recruitment manager can easily review the profiles in question. 

What are the main features of SaaS ATS?

To accomplish its various tasks, an ATS in SaaS mode must provide at least the following functionalities: 

Sorting CVs

Before posting an ad, the user can integrate keywords into the job offer. CVs containing these keywords will be automatically classified by the software as potentially interesting, allowing the recruiter to save time in talent sourcing

The management of the CV library 

The selected CVs will be saved and thus feed the company's database. The software also takes into account the status of applications (candidates already contacted, selected or pending). This will give the recruiter a clear idea of the recruitment progress for each offer and profile. 

Data manipulation 

In general, all the info related to applicants will be stored in a personal file that will allow managers to get to know them better. This data can be modified according to the recruiter's needs. In particular, it is possible to make annotations, so as to help the recruiter ask relevant questions to the candidate when the time comes. 

Who uses online ATS software? 

ATS software has been developed to facilitate the recruitment process. They can be used by all companies that are regularly looking for talents. Regardless of the field of activity or the size of the structure, e-recruitment software makes it possible for HR-related tasks to be more efficient. These software packages are also suitable for recruitment agencies.

Why use online ATS software in your company?


  • In general, the tool offers a multicast function. The latter allows the HR department to post job offers on many job boards with a single click.  
  • The use of this type of online tool provides the user with real-time monitoring of the status of their search, allowing him to discover the right candidate as quickly as possible.  
  • Collaboration between recruiters becomes easier thanks to simple and convenient file sharing. 
  • With this type of software, recruiters have the possibility to schedule video interviews.  
  • Maintaining a talent pool becomes easier thanks to ATS software, allowing the HR manager to find an interesting profile among all the registered resumes in a snap. 
  • These programs simplify talent management and enable the company to ensure the quality of its recruitment.


  • Freemium software may start charging users once the number of users or resumes stored increases. 

How to choose online ATS? 

  • The size of the company: the needs of SMEs and large companies are not the same. A few basic functionalities such as sourcing may be enough for a small structure while large companies are looking for more efficient software. Therefore, it is essential to clearly identify your needs and expectations before purchasing ATS software.
  • Getting to grips with the tool: the easier the software is to use, the simpler it will be to perform the tasks and thus optimise recruitment management. Ensure the program offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface.   
  • Cost: this criterion varies according to the editor. While some offer free software, others offer freemium. That is, the price depends on the features you are looking for. There is also enterprise-grade software available for a higher price. The ideal is to choose the formula that will meet the user's requirements the closest.

Free ATS Software

Best ATS Software 

Tracking applicants can be a tedious task. This is why it could be advantageous to use ATS software. these solutions are indispensable to streamline the recruitment process and optimise HR productivity.

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