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Need to find a payroll software that can handle your tasks? Discover SurePayroll and its many functions. Developed by SurePayroll, SurePayroll is a software from the United States, a country known for the quality of its technology. Built for small businesses with 1 to 50 employees, SurePayroll makes payroll easy, saving you time and giving you flexibility to run payroll on your schedule. SurePayroll also provides online solutions for managing 401(k) plans, health insurance, workers' compensation, employee screening and more.

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Thanks to its many features such as Payroll Edition, Leave & Absence Monitoring and Nominative Social Declaration (DSN), SurePayroll is particularly appreciated. A simple internet connection, and SurePayroll will be available, through the software as a service model. It will no longer be necessary to perform updating, or to manage maintenance-related needs. The functioning of software as a service allows you to not worry about anything, the SurePayroll editor treats them at source. Data is stored at SurePayroll, freeing its customers from the hassles of server storage, backup and security.

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