Ignimission Platform: in summary

Ignimission is a solution that allows you to streamline your business processes for data collection, entry, exchange of information and reporting. The solution is presented as a Web portal dedicated to each client. All your data is secured and controlled, and promoted by an integrated data visualization studio.  

Ignimission is a one-price software regardless of the number of users. Distribute unlimited data, with rights management, to your entire corporate ecosystem.  

Two collection modes are possible: Automated collection and Data entry: 

▪ In the case where the data already exists, the whole value of Ignimission is to fetch it from the information system, very easily  

▪ When the data does not exist, Ignimission proposes input via forms. Thanks to Ignimission, there is no need to go through Excel any more data is entered directly into forms created in the platform. 

The way you use Ignimission may depend on your role in a project or team. That's why we have developed different Use Cases to meet the specific needs of our customers:

  • IT Risk: Take a focused, business-driven approach to manage and mitigating IT risk. 
  • Banking Compliance: Ensure that your IT systems and data are secure, accurate, and compliant with evolving privacy and security requirements.
  • Resource Onboarding: Implement custom dashboards to provide visibility and real-time information about your onboarding processes.
  • Brand Compliance: Manage compliance for multiple franchises and address the complexity of global regulations. 

Its benefits

One price regardless of the number of users

Enhances visibility and security

Unlimited distribution

Ignimission Platform - Ignimission Platform Project Management
Ignimission Platform - Ignimission Platform Project Management
Ignimission Platform - Ignimission Platform Project Management
Ignimission Platform - Ignimission Platform Data Visualisation
Ignimission Platform - Ignimission-Image2
Ignimission Platform - Ignimission-Image4-ignimission

Ignimission Platform: its rates and features

On demand
Data Asset Management
Data Collection
Project Management
Projects Overview / Follow Up
Risk Management

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Ignimission Platform
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