POWR: in summary

POWR is a versatile no-code plugin library designed for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their online presence But it’s not only that, as it can integrate other SaaS tools. It makes digital content creation accessible and straightforward for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs willing to adapt to every customer journey stage without learning code.

Since its inception in 2014, POWR has simplified the digital landscape by allowing users to effortlessly integrate a broad array of plugins in just a few clicks. These tools are compatible with any website-building platform and work seamlessly across all devices. Users can feel like professional web designers with zero code and zero hassle, obtaining the best tools to enhance their online presence. With POWR, you gain access to over 1,000 site builders and benefit from a patented live editing technology, ensuring that every interaction with your website is optimized for maximum engagement and efficiency.

Its benefits

Patented live editor for instant updates

Integrates with nearly every site builder platform available (1,000+)

An extensive suite of plugins for every customer journey

Its disadvantages

Cannot migrate existing popups directly

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Appvizer's opinion

Implementing POWR has revolutionized our approach to digital engagement, significantly enhancing our ability to manage website content and interact with customers. 

The platform offers a wide range of customizable plugins alongside a patented live editor, which enabled our marketing team to make real-time adjustments to our website. This feature was invaluable during high-impact promotional campaigns, allowing us to update event details, offers, and content swiftly and efficiently, thereby improving our responsiveness to market dynamics.

The live editor's capability to adjust content directly on the website without technical assistance empowered our team members to implement changes instantly. This not only reduced our dependency on IT support but also accelerated the deployment of new marketing strategies, enhancing our agility and ability to capitalize on emerging opportunities. 

Additionally, POWR's user-friendly interface made it straightforward for all team members to utilize the platform effectively, regardless of their technical prowess. This accessibility helped streamline our operations and broadened the scope of team members who could contribute to our digital initiatives, fostering a more inclusive and productive environment.

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POWR: its rates

Depending on the type of features and plug-ins you are looking for, such as:

  • Form Builder,
  • Appointment,
  • Price Table,
  • Scroll to Top,
  • or Image Slider,

 POWR has several plans, each one adapting to your needs and budget:

  • Free Plan is available for each plug-in with limited features.
  • Starter Plan starts at £4/mo with a bit more features, yet quite limited, which makes it perfect for solopreneurs.
  • Pro Plan starts at £12/mo, being the most popular plan and offering more features than the Starter Plan without being too pricey.
  • Business Plan starts at £80/mo, being the most comprehensive plan with all features included and no limitations.
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POWR: the complete test

Integrating POWR has fundamentally changed our approach to managing digital content and engaging with our audience, which is highly crucial for a web-based company like Appvizer.

Patented Live Editor

The patented live editor's impact was profoundly beneficial for enhancing our service offerings and client interactions at Appvizer.

With this tool, our team could make immediate, on-page edits, dynamically updating website content to reflect real-time changes in our services and client testimonials. This feature was particularly valuable during promotional campaigns for new service launches or updates, allowing us to modify service descriptions and tailor messaging to align with evolving business strategies and client feedback.

The live editor's capability to adjust content directly on the website without technical assistance empowered our team members to implement changes instantly. This not only reduced our dependency on IT support but also accelerated the deployment of new marketing strategies, enhancing our agility and ability to capitalize on emerging opportunities. It enabled our marketing team to experiment with different layouts and content styles directly on the site, facilitating A/B testing and optimizing user engagement without the usual delays associated with traditional content updates.

This flexibility not only accelerated our content management processes but also enhanced our ability to communicate effectively with potential clients, showcasing our services most appealingly and accurately.

Array of Integrations

POWR's integration features have proven pivotal for our daily activities, particularly with tools like Trello, Dropbox, or Google Sheets.

For instance, integrating POWR with Trello allowed our team to automatically update project boards with tasks and deadlines based on customer interactions and feedback captured through our website forms. This streamlined communication and task tracking significantly boosted our project management efficiency.

Using Dropbox for seamless file storage and sharing through POWR forms helped maintain organized and accessible records of all customer submissions, which was crucial for compliance and customer service follow-up.

Furthermore, the ability to connect POWR with Google Sheets enabled real-time updates to our spreadsheets with data from customer interactions and analytics, facilitating instant data analysis and decision-making without manual data entry.

Advanced Customization Capabilities

Our use of POWR's advanced customization tools was particularly noteworthy when we redesigned our product landing pages.

By taking advantage of POWR’s plugins, we could easily customize elements like signup forms, feedback widgets, or CTA and social media buttons to fit our unique style and requirements of each campaign. This capability was not just about aesthetics—it also improved functionality, making our pages more intuitive and user-friendly.

For instance, adjusting the form fields to request specific information that aligned with our sales team’s needs helped improve our lead quality by 40%. These changes were implemented directly by our marketing team, without needing to wait for IT, speeding up campaign launches and reducing go-to-market time.

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